Why is Amity University One of the Top private Universities in North India?

Amity University is the top private University in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The university is well known for its outreach, academics, research, and sports are top-notch. Amity stands out from other private universities because of its vision to create better individuals. Amity University Admission is merit and achievement-based, maintaining high standards internationally.

Let us look at 10 reasons why Amity University is the top among private universities.

1. Infrastructure

Amity University has an extensive campus spanning 1200 acres. It comprises nine Universities and fourteen international campuses. National campuses include Mumbai, Kolkata, and other metropolitan cities, and the international locations include Uzbekistan, Singapore, and the UK. There are thirteen business schools, twenty-six schools and preschools, and 150+ institutions and centers.

Campuses offer in-house accommodation facilities, including syndicate rooms, classrooms, and e-learning facilities. Facilities from the library to student support centers all are available.

2. Hi-tech campus

Amity University has an international-level campus with a fully connected network with the first wireless campus in India. There is a massive network of interlinked computers and 600 MBPS broadband connectivity throughout the campus. A 75 km fiber optic LAN connection ensures wireless broadband internet connectivity at all hours. All classes are air-conditioned, and the labs well-equipped. Students have smart cards and access to e-resources. A private digital network connects all Amity campuses.

3. Accreditation

Amity is A+ grade, NAAC accredited. Additionally by:

  • IET international (engineering stream).
  • UGC, MHRD.
  • Bar Council of India (Law).
  • Distance Education Bureau (Distant Programs).
  • ACBSP accreditation (Management Programs).

4. Ranking

The world-famous QS ranking features Amity university, and it ranked as the top university in India (2014-16). In 2016, it made its way to the list of universities in BRICS and Global University Rankings.

Recognized as a student of Amity throughout India is evidence of prestigious achievements. Amity is the only non-profit university in India making its way into these lists. Per India Today University Rankings, in 2019, it ranked as India’s number 1, Not-For-Profit Pvt. University.

5. Student life

The university population educates 35000 students from various parts of India and globally, with around 2000 international students. Amity residences provide security and safety for all overseas students. The campus is ragging-free and discrimination-free.

Various sports and recreation facilities, including indoor and outdoor activities, bring students together to learn, live, and network in harmony. The university also has gyms encouraging healthy living.

6. Research

For doctorate students, the university has an active research group. There are full-time enrolled Ph.D. students, with around 100+ students with degrees. There are more than 1000 faculty members fully dedicated to research. The university had filed numerous patents and published more than 6000 research papers.

7. Admissions

Amity University offers admissions in UG, PG, Ph.D., and distant and online programs. It has departments from Arts and Science, Engineering, Management, Law, and much more provided in the rest of their campuses. Amity has more than 2000 academic staff in various departments. The student-to-faculty ratio is adequately maintained. For students who cannot attend regular courses, the distant and online courses provide opportunities to enroll in high-level Amity University admissions that are merit-based and hence very competitive.

8. Scholarships

The university provides student scholarships and full scholarship options for academically top students, including sports and achievement scholarships. Scholarships are available to UG, PG, and Ph.D. students.

9. Placements

The best thing about the college is that it provides placement opportunities to all its students. The university has a tie-up with more than 1000 corporates. Regular visits, discussions, interactions, and skill development programs help students decide their futures. There is high competition for Amity University admissions because of its guaranteed placements.

10. Quality of life

The quality of life is commendable. Amity students experience various cultures, events, dynamic activities, individualized attention, and orientations under international-level standards.

Amity stands out with about 1200 acres of campuses, fully connected internet facilities, and top-ranked and accredited institutions.

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