Why is Giving so Very Important?

Many people give charity almost regularly. This is because they either want to make a difference and have a positive impact on others or do it just because he/she feels good about themselves. Certain studies say that charity carries own health and well-being and it also has a positive impact on the life of an individual. One can also donate shoes for money for the purpose of charity.

There are many advantages of donating:

It helps in improving one’s mood

The fact that one can help others empowers the individual and in turn, can make him feel much happier and fulfilled. The studies show that there is a relation between charity and increased activity of the brain that registers pleasure. This proves that it is easier to give than to receive.

Strengthens the personal values of an individual

In a research, it was found that the reason why people give is a social conscience. As much as 96% of the people said that they do charity because they feel they must help people who do not have enough. This sentiment is rooted in personal values and principles. If one has good pair of shoes that he/she does not wear, he/she can donate shoes for money. This will also be counted under charity.

Giving is quite impactful

Many people feel that their charitable donations will be reduced by tax or other administrative costs. This prevents the entire amount from reaching the people. If one is a taxpayer, he/she can boost the amount of all the donations if one ensures that the charity that he/she does is through gift aid. This gift card helps in recovering the basic rate of the tax on the donation.

Children start realizing how important is charity

If one shares the experiences of donating to charity with their children, they can understand the importance of helping others in need and thereby prepare them to bring about positive changes in the world. Children love to help others. So nurturing their innate generosity is crucial. One can try creating a family donation box where he/she can add some money every year involving children in choosing the right cause of support.


There are many ways by which one can avail of tax benefits on the amount that he/she has given to charity. One of these ways is to give the salary before the tax gets deducted through certain payroll schemes. If one can donate shoes for money, it is a good way of charity. Many children walk on the roads barefooted as they do not have shoes. If one gifts them the old shoes, it will certainly benefit these children. It is beyond doubt a fact that charity for a good cause will make one and will surely improve the level of his or her confidence. One can also give clothes and other things, especially to the children and the senior citizens. There are also physically and mentally challenged individuals who will be greatly benefitted if one gives them things that are required to live a normal life.

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