Why MDF are Popular in Construction Industry

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is compost of wood products that are made by breaking down both hardwood and softwood into, mainly wood shavings, which are grounded into a fine powder and then mixed with wax and resins that form panels when intense heat and force are applied. This article shows why  everyone loves MDF and why it is the most used board in the country.

When opting for home or furniture and interior designs for homes and offices, there are different types of materials available in the market. One of the materials used in home decoration is solid wood, but the major disadvantage of the material is that it’s expensive. Currently, furniture makers are opting for alternative ways to reduce costs by using more affordable materials. On this reason, Mdf prices in Kenya have proven to be pocket friendly for all.

Advantages of MDF

  • Fiberboard is more cost-effective than others.
  • It has a smooth surface.
  • MDF holds better to hinges and screws due to its high density.
  • It can be easily cut and carved into different designs because of its smooth edges.
  • Its smooth surface makes it easier to paint than other boards that requires more than one coat of paint.
  • It is manufactured from recycled wood hence making it environmentally friendly.

Downside of MDF

  • MDF is heavier than other boards when it terms of
  • Fiberboard cannot support heavy loads since it is weaker than other boards.
  • Dust produced from manufacturing of MDF is harmful if inhaled.

Uses of MDF


Fiberboard is commonly used in home roofing systems for it has good quality for weather resistance. This board has proven to be the best material to use in thatch backing of various roof sets up.

Making furniture’s

The MDF board is used in making furniture which is found in different companies. One can also buy household types of furniture like; shelves, TV stands, and many others made using fiberboard at an affordable price.

Home Interior Decorations

Fiberboards are used in making modern kitchen cabinets and bedroom inbuilt wardrobes and shelves. MDF is also used for molding work like door frameworks and laminated flooring.

Sound Proofing

MDF boards are used to equip soundproofing and decrease the ability of the sound to navigate through. Many speaker manufacturers use medium-density MDF boards because of their ability to take up sound and prevent vibration from inside the speaker casing.

Vapor repulsion

Fiberboard is manufactured in ways that are capable of dealing with moistness for a long time thus used as resistance material and deterrent for vapor in many commercial and residential buildings.

In conclusion

MDF has been adopted for both interior and exterior purposes. In this modern-day where durability, fashion, and value play a vital role in deciding on the choice of furniture and finish, fiberboard comes out as a pacesetter. Everything has both its cons and pros and in this regard, the cons of MDF outweigh its pros in many aspects.  Are looking for a low-budget fiberboard to make kitchen renovations, roofing, and easy-to-move furniture? Fiberboard has got you covered at an affordable price.

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