Why Should Businesses Automate Interview Scheduling?

Recruiters can be overwhelmed from having to carry out many tasks at once. Moreover, manually scheduling interviews that have hundreds or thousands of candidates can drain the business’s time, resources, and effort. The time recruiters spend doing all these manual tasks can be spent on other important areas of the recruiting process. The good news is recruiters can use an interview scheduler to reduce the workload while maintaining meaningful relationships with their candidates throughout the recruiting process.

Automated scheduling involves the use of a software that allows the applicants to schedule a meeting with the recruiter based on the hiring manager’s availability. The system works by compiling the recruiter’s free days and time slots and showing it to the candidates who can use it to select the time and day they will be free. There are several reasons why businesses should use automation to optimize their hiring processes.

It saves time

Manually setting up the dates and time of meetings is very repetitive and time consuming, especially if you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of applicants. However, automation frees up the recruiter’s time and enables them to conduct other tasks that are important in the recruiting process.

It provides a great candidate experience

The traditional process of hiring candidates is usually very long and drawn out, especially if there are multiple stages in the recruitment process. The candidates have to wait for days or weeks for feedback. However, with automation, the candidates can take the lead by choosing the time that is more convenient for them to talk to the HR manager. This will make the candidates feel respected, valued, and improve the candidate experience.

Avoid any sudden cancellations

The hiring manager’s calendar is automatically updated whenever a candidate books a meeting and both of the parties are alerted when the meeting is cancelled, rescheduled, or confirmed. Therefore, they can easily let the HR manager know if they will be attending the meeting or not in advance.

It sends automatic reminders

When businesses use automation software, a reminder will be sent to the hiring manager and the candidate before the date of the meeting. The candidates will get SMS or email reminders which will prevent them from forgetting or missing their meetings. Moreover, there is a customization option that allows you to set the reminder based on your preferences like the frequency.

It is scalable

It can help both large and small businesses to meet their hiring goals. The chat-bots are capable of holding very many conversations simultaneously to set up meetings and can handle a large number of candidates at once. Moreover, this tool can be adjusted to meet your growing business’s needs.


Modernizing the recruitment process sends out a positive message. It shows that your business is professional, organized, and open to new technological advancements. Moreover, you will attract experienced and top-skilled candidates.


In this digital era, automation is important and is transforming recruiters’ roles in the hiring process. The HR managers can get more time to find top talents, devise their business’s brand strategies and grow the company by hiring the best of the best. Automation is scalable, saves time and sends reminders. All businesses should incorporate it into their hiring process. 

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