Why Should You Consider Having a Water Leak Sensor for Your Home

Water leak sensors are becoming extremely popular in homes. This is because of the convenience they offer. They make home maintenance easier and allow you to save time to spend with your friends and family. Flooding is one of the major concerns for Americans along with various other problems. Many people go for insurance claims if their house has damages due to flooding.

Water leak sensors have a major role in preventing flooding. Water leak detectors sense the smallest water leak that may require maintenance. It is often seen that major flooding begins with small leakage. Water leak sensors have many benefits and each of them comes with its own features and specification.  It is wise to consider a few factors before getting a water leak sensor so that it fulfills your requirement of having one. Here is why you should consider having water leak sensors in your home.

Less Cost On Repairs

It has been seen in the US that almost 14000 people face water leakage problems and have to spend around $2800 on a repair. [i] Water leak sensors reduce repair costs and heavy insurance damage claims.

Prompt Alerts

Many water leak sensors these days come with the smart sensor instant alert. This has a major advantage for homeowners. It keeps them updated on any water leakage problems in the home even when they are away from home. Another benefit of having alerts is that a major water leak incident can be avoided before it grows into a huge menace.

Ensures Safety

Flooding can have a bad impact on the infrastructure of your home. These impacts include electrical hazards and the growth of dangerous molds. A water leak sensor immediately sends an alert as soon as any suspicion is detected. You can also choose a water leak detector that automatically shuts off the home water supply as soon as a leak is detected. This is to avoid any safety hazards.

Features of a Water Leak Sensor

Flooding can run havoc on your home before you even know that a water leak has occurred in your home. New water leak sensors have all the features that are required to avoid this from happening. Here are some amazing features of water leak sensors.

Shuts off automatically

If you are away from home and your water leak sensor detects a leak you may not be able to do anything about it even you receive an alert. In those cases, the water leak sensors come with an automatic shutoff feature. You can also manually alter the water supply using the app on your smartphone. These sensors are usually connected with water valves that can be controlled via a smart home hub or Wi-Fi network.

Humidity Monitors

While you may be able to deal with a problem after it happens but it is wise to deal with it before it happens. Many water leak sensors come with humidity sensors that can detect humidity. Some sensors also come with temperature monitoring. This prevents your pipes from freezing in extremely cold weather. This will consequently prevent your property from getting damaged.

Detection for a larger space

It has been a challenge to detect water leaks in a larger space. This need has caused newer water leak sensors to detect water leakage in a larger area. Many brands now also facilitate their customers by giving extra sensor cables to make sure that sufficient water leak detection coverage is offered.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

It is important to be aware before going to the market to buy a water leak sensor that has the features you are looking for. Here are a few things to look for in a water leak detection sensor.


Compatibility is one of the major things to consider when you buy a water leak sensor. If they are not compatible with your home network they will work independently. So, if you are looking for a water leak sensor that will work with your smart home then choose a compatible one. Some water leak sensors will also give alerts using a z-wave hub. You may also find water leak sensors that have annoying high decibel alarms that you may need to take care of. Customer reviews, ratings, and scores will help you find the one you need.

Power Source

It is better to consider buying a battery-operated water leaks sensor as it is useful in an event of a power outage. A power outage can occur during fierce hurricanes. However, if you choose a battery-operated sensor, make sure it has long battery life. Another disadvantage of having a water leak sensor with a power supply is that you cannot rely on the auto shut-off feature during a power outage. If there is a leak when there is no power then the water supply will not shut off automatically.

The protocol

Water leak detection protocols are different for every water leak sensor. Some involve the distance from the device. Other protocols depend on how much water has been accumulated. If you are concerned about small water leaks turning into floods rapidly then you may want to consider having floating water leak sensors. These sensors will only warn you when they are submerged in water.

Final Thoughts

We often get excited when we buy a new house. However, we usually forget that maintenance is as important as buying one. Your home is a huge investment and causing it to be damaged by flooding can be devastating. So, it is advisable that you take measures like water leak sensors to protect it. You may want to browse some of the popular water leak sensors at First Engery.

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