Best Decorative Concrete for Your New Home

When looking at the beautifully embossed coatings of walls, paths and fences, it is difficult to imagine that they are all made of the usual material – concrete. But modern coatings, in contrast to their “ancestor”, known for their unattractive, dull grey appearance, have unique aesthetics. Due to its presentable properties, decorative concrete is widely used in home construction.

Nowadays, decorative concrete is the best alternative to paving stones and paving slabs, as it has higher strength, abrasion resistance. It is not susceptible to dents and penetrations. With the help of polyurethane forms from ordinary concrete, it is possible to create an attractive surface that reproduces beauty.

Therefore, to make your home decoration more attractive, you have to knowledge about decorative concrete and which is more suitable for a new home. That’s why a look at this article have and learn some decorative concrete types that will make your home decoration eye-catching.

Marbled decorative concrete:

Marble is a unique natural material used for the exterior and interior decoration of buildings.  It is distinguished not only by its spectacular appearance but also by its high cost.

Few can use marble for decoration, but thanks to the development of new building technologies, it became possible to produce concrete that imitates the noble surface of natural stone. Marbled decorative concrete can give artificial stone various colors and shades – white, blue, pink, green, black.

Stamped decorative Concrete:

Stamped concrete has become widespread in the arrangement of terraces, garden paths, basin platforms, footpaths, decorative floors in places of recreation and cultural leisure. The technology of printing on a concrete surface turned out to be a godsend in conducting restoration research.

Only by using stamps for finishing concrete, it is possible to recreate a fragment of a destroyed pavement or an old fence since it is almost impossible to use the same material that has aged naturally.

For example, when it is necessary to recreate the destroyed part of the old pavement. Finding the same materials, aged naturally, is often not possible. And with the help of stamped concrete technology, exact copies of an existing old brick or half-worn stone are easily created.

Colored decorative concrete:

It obtained by mixing coloring pigments into the composition, allowing to get a uniform color throughout the entire thickness of the product. Steps, borders, columns are made from the resulting mixture, and facade stucco decoration is poured, beautiful sculptures (including garden ones) are created. Also, from colored concrete, practical and durable paving slabs are obtained that do not slip.

Polishing decorative concrete:

Polished decorative concrete is carried out in three stages – laying the concrete, grinding – roughing the surface until a filler cut is obtained, and finishing the floor polishing. It is a multi-stage technology for finishing concrete floors, due to which polished concrete acquires several advantages, both in terms of performance and appearance.

As you know, untreated concrete is not the best floor covering. Polishing decorative concrete is an alternative option for actively used floors. It allows overshadowing competing technologies that have been actively used in the past decades.

Engraving Decorative Concrete:

Engraving Decorative Concrete is a similar theme in painting and levelling concrete surface, and the effect is approximately the same? Concrete engraving is carried out on a previously prepared concrete surface, which is polished carefully.

With the help of engraving, it will be attractive, beautiful. It is pleasant to look at such concrete, but what is there to look at it is a pleasure to walk on it. This is thousands of square meters of concrete that can be used. Drawings can be different, for example, dolphins splashing in the sea, or thunder of lightning in the sky, or green grass and much more.

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