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Disadvantages of Link Insertion Service for Guest Posts

One disadvantage of using a link insertion service to submit guest posts is that it has certain limitations. It can only insert two links in your guest posts. In such case, it is better to publish your post without the links and let the host remove them. Then, you can add two more links if you wish. However, if you are not sure whether a link insertion service is right for you, it is best to read the site’s guidelines.

Avoiding outbound links

If you are submit guest post to other websites, you must remember that a single external link should not be placed in the middle of your post. Not only does this affect your user experience, but it can also result in a security vulnerability for your website. Also, avoid using the target=”_blank” attribute on outbound links. This can cause your site’s performance to suffer. In addition, if you have many outbound links on your post, they can also damage your ranking.

Although external linking is beneficial, you should be careful with it. Make sure that you are not submitting links from a spammy website. While a few links from relevant sites will boost your page ranking, dozens of irrelevant links will hurt your rankings and reduce the user experience. This way, you’ll end up with a post that will get buried in the muck and get no exposure.

Creating a landing page for a guest post

You can use a link insertion service to submit a guest post on your website. It will provide contextual backlinks within the body of your article. However, there is a limitation. You cannot influence the title of the article. If you choose to use a link insertion service to submit guest posts, you will not have much control over how your post is published. Therefore, you should consider your website’s content carefully. If it is relevant to your business, the link insertion service can provide you with a great ROI.

A link insertion service should be able to count live and disappearing links for you. In addition, it should have good DA, Moz’s DA, and Google sitelinks to ensure that it’s legitimate. Once you’ve become familiar with SEO and sitelinks, you’ll be able to identify suspicious websites more easily. The benefits of a link insertion service for submit guest post are clear, and it may help your website gain extra visibility.

Avoiding nofollow attribute

The nofollow attribute is used to denote sponsored links on your website. The nofollow attribute tells search engines not to give credit to outbound links that are not part of the article’s content. This is a useful attribute for monetised links since Google has a policy against buying backlinks. By default, links on social media and forums are sponsored by default, but most links in blog posts are not sponsored by design. Also, WordPress automatically adds the noopener and noreferer attribute to links. In short, guest posting should be free of sponsored links.

Google’s nofollow attribute was introduced in 2005 as a reaction to blog spam comments. Many SEO experts used it to manipulate the PageRank of their target links. While nofollow was originally used in the meta tag on a page-level, it is now often used on a per-link basis. This attribute is not necessary for all links. Just avoid submitting guest posts to low-quality sites. These sites don’t have enough content or a low Domain Authority.

Getting rejected by a guest post site

It can be frustrating to get rejected from a guest post site, especially if you’ve spent countless hours writing and formatting it. Bloggers are busy, and it can be impossible to find the time to write everything they’ve ever wanted to. Even authority sites have their own priorities. If they don’t have time to accept guest posts, they won’t publish them. In addition to deadlines, they also have many issues to attend to: readers, customers, and family. Guest posting gives them a chance to take a breather.


If you’ve submitted your work and received a rejection, don’t give up. Instead, ask for feedback. Many guest post sites offer useful feedback about the reasons behind rejection. Knowing the reasons for rejection can help you improve your work in the future. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for a second submission if your first one is rejected. If you get turned down, you’ll be much more likely to succeed with another submission.

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