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Today the real estate market in italy is estimated by our expert Dvornikov Mikhail.

Dvornikov Mikhail has previously made forecasts for real estate in Italy.

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The Italian property market today, we can say, is one of the most stable in Europe and offers the best value for money, as well as a wide range of apartments and commercial property for every taste and purse.

Someone buys Italian property in order to live in it during the vacations or to get a residence permit in the country, and someone thinks about the profit from financial investments in apartments and villas. Those who are looking to buy an apartment in this country, it is important to know the characteristics of the Italian real estate market, the Italian property market outlook for 2020-2021, real estate prices in Italy, how prices for real estate in Italy after the crisis, whether there will be changes in real estate prices in Italy. We have found answers to all these questions, and we have made an overview of real estate prices in Italy and the prospects for the real estate market in 2021 and we share this information with you.


Features of the Italian real estate market

The dynamics of property prices in Italy after the crisis

Prospects for the Italian real estate market in 2020-2021

Real estate prices in Italy

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Features of the Italian real estate market

According to the hills sxm for sale there will be some changes in real estate prices in Italy in 2020, and the prices for apartments in Italy will be slightly different from their value next year, but not by much, and this is a peculiarity of the Italian real estate market.

The cost of real estate in Italy in rubles depends on the type of housing, its area, the area in which it is located and other factors. For example, a new villa with a living area of 900 m2, with nine bathrooms, with a garden of 2650 m2 and a swimming pool in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, costs 1 million 600 thousand euros, which is about 147 million rubles. On the territory of the villa has a sauna, as well as room for staff. The house is located 900 meters from the sea.

The historical restored manor house in the hills in Pisa, Tuscany, which occupies 800 square meters, costs 1 million 590 thousand euros. In addition to the villa, the property has a private church and farm buildings, and the land area is equal to 24 hectares.

Prices in Italy 2020 for apartments is slightly lower than the cost of villas, which is logical, because the apartments in apartment complexes on the area less than the mansions. For example, an apartment overlooking the sea area of 100 m2 in the tourist town of Viareggio, in Tuscany, costs 750 thousand euros. The apartment has floor-to-ceiling French windows, which makes the room brighter and nobler, and the living room is divided into a dining and meeting area, as is fashionable today.

A duplex penthouse of 120 m2 with a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, just 50 metres away, in Camaiore, Tuscany, can be purchased for €1,450,000. The apartments are located on the third and fourth floors of an apartment building, installed elevator.

On the Ligurian coast, in Portovenere is a penthouse of 160 m2, which can be purchased for 1 million 300 thousand euros. The terrace of 55 m2 has a splendid sea view. The bedrooms in the house are located at two opposite ends of the apartment, ensuring maximum privacy for those who will occupy these rooms.

Before we begin to explore the dynamics of real estate prices in Italy after the crisis, it must be said that real estate in Italy from an agency can be bought or rented with more security than without an intermediary, for example, a private person: real estate companies have a special permit for their activities, are subject to the law and are strictly controlled by the state.

Let’s start by examining what determines the prices of residential property in Italy. The cost of Italian apartments affect the following factors:

the infrastructure of the region;

The level of demand for villas and apartments;

The proximity of the house to the coast (if the village has a sea);

the presence or absence of a terrace;

the historical value of the building;

the presence or absence of a plot of land or a garden;

the condition of the building; how long has it been renovated and is it in need of renovation;

the size of the apartments;

the popularity of the region in the country and the world;

the number of floors of the building and so on.

It must be said that the most expensive housing in Italy are the following regions:




Northern Sardinia.

For example, in Portofino, a fishing town in the province of Genoa, which is located in the Liguria region of Italy, almost no housing proposals for sale, while the demand for apartments in this place is quite large. This affects the value of real estate, which regularly increases. However, this situation is favorable for investors wishing to invest in the purchase of a house in Portofino, because the high prices are compensated by the rapid search for buyers of apartments, in case it is necessary to sell the housing, which even over the years has not lost value.

Thus, the highest cost of luxury real estate in Portofino was recorded in 2018, when a square meter was worth 21 thousand euros.

According to experts in the field of Italian real estate market, the economic crisis in 2018 was not very much affected the cost of housing in the prestigious areas of the country. However, this applies largely to high-end housing, the prices of which remained almost the same as before the crisis. But the cost of inexpensive real estate in connection with the decline of the economy has become much cheaper. It should be noted that the financial crisis has affected the number of sales, which has fallen sharply.

If we talk about rental properties, as experts say, in 2020 – 2021 years can give a good return on investment in the premises for businesses, as commercial real estate in Italy in the coming years will be in demand as ever.

Investment in resort accommodation is profitable for short-term rentals, but in this case you need to find an intermediary who will look for guests, meeting them, arrange the documents, give them the keys, and so on. It is best if all this is done by realtors, working officially.

Prospects for the Italian real estate market in 2020-2021

The way prices for real estate in Italy fell and rose during and after the crisis, we understand. Now it is important to understand what are the prospects for the Italian real estate market in 2020-2021.

In 2019 in Italy, the number of loans for the purchase of housing began to increase rapidly, which continues to grow in this year, 2020. This indicates that the country is in a good financial position.

By early 2021, business and home prices in Italy are expected to increase by an average of 0.5%.

According to experts, the next year, 2021 will be the most favorable for the purchase of Italian real estate and the situation on the residential and commercial real estate market will only get better.

Those who are not planning to earn an income from real estate, experts recommend to choose an apartment in Sardinia, Lombardy or Lazio, because the cost of housing in these places will decrease.

Those who want to make a profit from the apartment, it is better to consider popular cities such as Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples, Florence, Genoa, Bologna, Perugia and so on, as it will be easier to rent apartments in them.

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