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Most importantly, top mobile app development services are provided by LITSLINK. We are ready to develop high-quality and practical solutions for our software engineers. Furthermore, we are designing mobile applications focusing on Flutter for companies that keep an eye on high technology. Plus, the framework contains everything necessary to construct interface-to-use applications where you can design and incorporate interactivity or animation. Flutter is similar to unity or unreal game engines, but, unlike them, the system creates applications rather than games. In addition to the above, there is also a new architecture, including widgets that look and feel good and are fast, customizable, and expandable.

History of Flutter Services

Flutter is known as the Google UI Toolkit. Google uses it on the official Website of Flutter. It utilizes it for building native mobile applications. In 2015 google initiated Flutter at the Dart Developer Summit. The authorities recognized the code name “Sky,” only available on Android operating systems Flutter 1.0. Consequently, it was the first stable version of the framework. Furthermore, they published the same on December 4, 2018, at the Flutter Live event.

Why Choose Us?

Folio3 is a well-known mobile app development firm. That is to say that it specializes in creating highly fluid and scalable applications for businesses and startups. Therefore, we’ve designed, developed, and deployed mobile applications for major industries and businesses. Certainly, we create apps for a variety of industries, including business, finance, gaming, healthcare, e-commerce, travel, security, and many others. Most importantly, our team of experienced software developers has unrivaled expertise in developing and designing applications. These applications are compatible with a wide variety of devices, maintaining a high-quality user experience, and providing outstanding services

The Benefits of Flutter Services

  1. Flutter has many benefits that you can easily benefit from Flutter
    Supported by VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, and Android Studio.
    It provides a valuable method called “flood doctor” for device error inspection.
  2. Flutter renderer uses a graphics open-source engine that can be used easily on various devices.
  3. Plus, Flutter apps on both iOS and Android are compiled with the native machine (ARM) code.
  4. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for libraries for compatibility.
    Similarly, it gives you full control of the appearance of your app.
    Flutter-based apps look different on iOS and Android, and the Flutter widgets will adapt to each platform’s design guidelines.

What is flutter?

Flutter has been around since Google first introduced it in 2015. But the buzz surrounding it has only recently grown stronger. It’s a cross-platform app development tool that uses a modern, reactive framework to create Android and iOS apps from a single code base. Dart, an object-oriented programming language, is used to create Flutter apps. Widgets are at the heart of the Flutter concept. Each widget defines a structural element, a stylistic element, a layout aspect, and so on. Flutter does not use an OEM widget. But it has its own ready-made widgets. This is why it looks native to Android or iOS (Cupertino). Custom widgets can also be created.

Flutter is making good progress with regard to popularity. Although Flutter has reached the preliminary release of 1 by June 2018, they have increased in the ranks and are now. Flutter SDK ranks top two years later, following giants such as Linux, Vista, and vscode. This is undoubtedly a successful trend. Thousands of Flutter applications have gone to app stores, including the 50 million users Alibaba app.

Benefits of Flutter

Here is a list of some features and qualities, which can make it possible for you to go to Flutter without comparing them with other platforms:

High productive performance.

With Flutter cross-platform, your iOS and Android app can use the same code base. You can save time and resources definitely.

A fantastic achievement.

Dart compiles into native code and no OEM widgets have to be accessed since it is owned by Flutter. This means that communication between the app and platform is less mediated. As it says: “Flutter is the only mobile SDK with reactive views without a JavaScript bridge.” All of this helps to quickly startup applications and to improve performance.

Quick and easy progress.

One of Flutter’s most appreciated properties is hot reload. It lets you view the code changes made on emulators, simulators, and hardware instantly. As a result, the changed code will be reloaded in less than a second, while the app runs without a restart. This is great not only for building user interfaces or adding functionality, but also to fix bugs. As to simplicity, Flutter argues that Flutter programming is so easy that no prior knowledge of programming is required: “There is definitely a helpful experience with objective oriented languages, but even non-programmers have created Flutter apps!” One way is to find out if that is true.


Because widgets are part of the app and not the platform, compatibility issues on different OS versions are less likely to occur or not. In turn, this means that you spend less time testing.


Source-open and free to use, both Flutter and Dart offer extensive documentation and community support to help you cope with problems.

Why should LITSLINK become your main supplier of development services for Flutter?

An experienced professional software team

Above all, our dedicated team of engineers and designers for mobile applications deploys the latest technology and tools to develop mobile applications that are the highest reliability, speedy loading, and quality to meet your particular requirements.

Options for flexible flooding apps

Professionals from LITSLINK have the first-hand experience with the use of Flutter, not just a framework, but a complete SDK for the development and use of a screen. So, your Flutter Mobile App will be a reality for our skilled software engineers. To sum up, we are knowledgeable and can deliver products in due course and in accordance with your technical requirements. Most importantly, LITSLINK we are offering Flutter services since 2017 and the first release was in May 2017. Since then, our customers around the world have been supplying several valuable Flutter projects (including the USA, the UK, Germany, and other countries)

Better tools for developing

At LITSLINK, our experts are equipped with the latest technologies that give them an innovative advantage and improved quality. You know all the advantages and disadvantages of Flutter in your project and can give you practical advice.To get more information  read here.


Above all, top mobile app development services are provided by LITSLINK. Therefore, we are ready to develop high-quality and practical solutions for our software engineers. Google uses it on the official Website of Flutter. Plus, in 2015 google initiated Flutter at the Dart Developer Summit.

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