Guerrilla Marketing 101 – How to Promote Your Business in The Streets

Unlike the other forms of marketing that are organized and have structure, Guerrilla marketing has a different allure. This marketing strategy is quite unusual, unconventional, and inexpensive. It can also be pretty sexy when you decide and implement it for your products. One of the best ideas about guerrilla marketing is that it’s a great way to gain visibility for your products – on limited resources. Using creative resources like neon light signs, or large banners outside your storefront are great ways to attract foot traffic into your place of business. It will also help if you buck up a bit; because this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here are some of the ways you can promote your business on the streets.

Go for Quantity

One of the most significant selling points for conventional marketing has got to be “quality over quantity.” But when it comes to guerrilla marketing, you shouldn’t be afraid of going for quantity. All you need to do is have colorful flyers, stickers, and handouts. They should all be aimed at making you visible to the masses. This can be a great move if you are looking at going broad with your visibility.

Understand Your Target Group

It’s not only about going all out to be noticed; you also need to be seen by the right people. This will help you as you will only set up your campaign where it is likely to be effective. Look at it in terms of what makes sense to do and what doesn’t. For example, if you are selling student-based products, it will only make sense if you go to where you can find plenty of students. You can’t go to an area with no students and stage one of the most extensive campaigns – it definitely won’t work.

Sharpen Your Message

Before you get down to the message part, you need to have honed your message first. You can’t send a message that no one understands and expect it to sell to the masses. So think about what’s important to your target group and get on with it. You then need to structure your message in a way that relates to the audience you have. Each group you target should have its particular type of message.


You then need to open up room for learning while you execute this marketing strategy. It is crucial to learn on the job as you’d get to find out what worked and what didn’t in your previous campaign. It will give you an edge when you go out again to the market.

Be Genuine

Lastly, it would help if you were genuine about what you are trying to sell. And the only way you can achieve that is by having fun while you market. When you are desperate, it won’t bode well with the customers, and they won’t give you a second thought. Your enthusiasm will set you apart from the countless other promoters you see on the streets. Have the energy and smile on your face – it shows you are sure of what you are selling.

Ways To Promote Your Business

There are several ideas that you can implement when it comes to guerrilla marketing. It isn’t all about going out on the streets and trying your luck. Here are some basic lessons you need to learn about this marketing strategy and how to make it work.

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