How to choose best Sugarcane Juice Machine

The juice extractor units, cane water and pulp discharge chutes, juice collector, power transmission unit, covers, and frame compose the instrumentality.

In today’s Agricultural Engineering workshops, the machine is created with some ninety-fifth native resources.

The beauty of using a sugarcane juice machine

Traditional sugarcane juice extractors aren’t identical to sugarcane juice extractors.

With the employment of a hopped-up extractor machine, farmers and traders will create over Sh400 by extracting the juice from one sugarcane.

A single sugar wile can usher in around Sh400, which is over sixfold what it should usher in if oversubscribed in components.

A nine-foot sugar cane will be split into 3 segments, each of that prices Sh20, for a complete of Sh60.

With the use of an electrical hopped-up juice extractor, an identical while can generate up to Sh450.

Features of sugarcane juice machine

It is aproduct of corrosion-resistant chrome steel l to make sure best hygiene.

Compact form and wheels create it straightforward to move and fit into tight locations.

It’s easy to use (separate button control) and clean.

When employing a roller press, the juice and residue square measure mechanically separated.


Large sugarcane farms, agro-based industries/factories, and laboratories square measure all places wherever these machines square measure used. If you want a machine that will last a long time, it’s a wise notion to look into where to buy sugarcane juice machine in Kenya.

Advantages of sugarcane juice machine.

Some of the benefits of employing a sugarcane juice extractor machine square measure are listed below.

Sugarcane juice extractors with crude shin capacities of 3340.95–4635.3kg per day were designed and made as a part of the native sugar process plants.

The machine’s juice extraction potency was seventy two.53–83.9 tests utilizing sugarcane cultivars baccalaureate nine5-030, BD 96-009, and native abduction cane.

It was conjointly discovered to be glorious for extracting juice from a range of cane sizes and to be straightforward to use and maintain.

This sugarcane juicer or device, whether or not electrical or twin, extracts nutrient-rich sugarcane juice with glorious potency and consistency.

The juice could be a healthy variety of beverages that outperforms water in terms of health blessings.

The basic parts and exterior of the twin or conscience juicer square measure product of corrosion-resistant chrome steel, guaranteeing superior hygiene.

The machine conjointly incorporates an easy framework that produces it convenient and easy to use.

The sugarcane juicer machine for private or business usage incorporates a tiny style that enables straightforward transportation.

This means you will operate your company from a mobile truck, a cart, a stationary stall, or maybe a wheelbarrow!

You can squeeze each ounce of juice from sugarcane with stripped-down effort mistreatment this sugarcane juicer with glorious potency and consistent performance.

You won’t get to waste time running the cane double in this fashion.  Better of all, the sugarcane juicer’s waste will be recycled.

Disadvantages of sugarcane juice machine.

Potentially, the sellers do not know a way to use the instrumentality befittingly.

Because the value of a sugarcane juicer machine is quite immoderate, it’s perpetually out of reach for low-income and rising tiny businesses and industries.

This complicates the juice extraction method.

The corrosion of the extracting wheels could be a key issue with sugarcane juice machines.

Accidents like hand injuries that occur once injustice of the instrumentality.


Given the large array of advantages that accompany it, the value of a sugarcane juice extractor machine in the republic of Kenya could be a minor deterrent to buying and owning one.

As a result, each sugarcane company ought to attempt for improved employee health and increased productivity.

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