How to Make Sure Your Frozen Food Packaging Keeps Items Fresh

Freezing food is a great way to lengthen the life of a variety of foods, and frozen foods also equates to convenience. Just walk down the frozen food aisle at your local grocery store and you will see a wide variety of products, including fruits and vegetables, pizzas, individual entrees, meat, pasta, seafood, meat-alternatives, side dishes, family-sized entrees, desserts, and more.

You may also notice that the look of packaging is starting to change. Flexible food packaging is becoming more popular, as they are better for the environment and are easy to use. The key to keeping items fresh is to use the right packaging and package the food properly.

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Types of Custom Food Packaging for Frozen Foods

You may have different requirements for your frozen food packages depending on what the items are. For things that have a strong odor, there are smell-proof bags that seal in the odor. There are child-resistant packaging that help prevent little ones from being able to tamper with, and get into, the bag. There are also bags that keep moisture out, which helps the food retain its quality.

Perhaps you are looking for printed mylar bags that allow the consumer to heat up the ingredients while still in the bag in the microwave. Other popular custom packaging are bags that save space, so that more items can be stored in the freezer than would be possible with traditional frozen food packaging.

Ease and convenience are important for many consumers, especially when it comes to opening the package or resealing it. You can order packaging that contains tear notches for easy opening or zippers that allow you to reseal the package after taking out the quantity of items you want.

Choose from individual and multiple serving packages. Some companies are ultra-focused on offering eco-friendly packaging to their customers. You can find packaging that is 100% recyclable, reusable, or sustainable.

Marketing the products properly is also important to remain competitive. Packaging can be customized with graphics or images to help them stand out over other products.

Requirements to Properly Package Frozen Food

In order to keep their original quality, food needs to be frozen properly. This means preventing freezer burn, which is often caused by oxygen in the air and dehydration. Other factors that affect food quality include enzymes, microorganisms, freezer temperature, and ice crystals. The proper frozen food packaging bags make all the difference, whether you are filling your home freezer or the shelves of a large supermarket.

Before freezing, the food should be cooled down. Many foods also need head space for expansion, and food should be packed tightly to reduce the amount of air. The sealing edges should be kept free from food and moisture, or else they will not seal properly.

Choose the Right packaging for your needs

Although freezing is an easy, quick, and versatile way to preserve food, it needs to be done right to retain the quality of the items. Flexible and quality packaging is just as important as how the items are packaged. Fortunately, there are many customizable options available for food storage.

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