How to measure the sleeve length of clothes

The editor found on the Internet that many netizens are more concerned about how to measure the sleeve length of clothes. My friends are now very interested in the content of the measurement of clothes size. They all want to know the specific sleeve length from Where to start measuring, we will explain in detail in three parts. The first part is where to measure the length of the clothes. The second part is the correct way to measure the sleeve length of the clothes. The third part is the comparison table of the sleeve length of the clothes.

Measure the sleeve length 1 and pose. Before starting the measurement, stand up straight with your arms hanging down to your side. Bend your arms slightly and insert your fingers into the front pocket of the pants. 2 Place the tape measure. Start from the center of the upper back and slightly lower than the neck. 3 Take the first measurement. Measure the length from the center of the upper back to the seam of the shirt shoulder. Write down the results. It will take a while.

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Sketch of measuring clothes size

When buying clothes, always check the size of M, L, waist, hip, etc. But what about the shoulder width? You check when you buy a suit or formal wear, but when you buy a T-shirt or hoodie, you don’t check it often. This time, we will introduce how to measure the size of the clothes you care about, focusing on how to measure the shoulder width correctly. Knowing how to measure accurately will reduce mail orders.

The shape of the human body The shape of the human body is the basis for determining the structure and shape of the clothing. Measuring the length, width, and girth of the relevant parts of the human body is the direct basis for clothing drawing. Points and lines in the clothing drawing of the human body structure The surface is determined according to the points, lines and surfaces of the human body structure. The basis for the composition of the main reference points of the human body.

Where does the sleeve length start?

Unit of measurement: cm/CM This method is suitable for: professional formal wear/POLO shirt/casual T-shirt/work clothes/all kinds of clothing tops Measurement method Bust: 1.5CM under the armpits Waist circumference: The narrowest part of the waist is measured with a circle sleeve length : Measure directly from the highest point outside the shoulders to the lower end of the cuffs. Shoulder width: Measure straight from the end of the left shoulder to the end of the right shoulder;

Clothes: bust/waist (fill if you have it)/hips/length/sleeve length/shoulder width, collar width (fillable). Pants length/waist circumference/file length (front wave, back wave) (fill if you have it). The measurement method of each part, for example, clothing length: generally refers to the length from the side of the neck down to the hem of the clothing, excluding the collar width.

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Where does the length of the garment begin?

Tailoring refers to the entire process from measuring the size of various parts of the human body, calculating the size of the clothing, and sewing the material. Modern people place more emphasis on the aesthetic function of clothing. Therefore, professional tailoring must achieve the following three goals: 1. The ready-to-wear clothing purchased in the shopping mall is more suitable; 2. It must not only conform to the unique aesthetic psychology of the individual wearer, but also.A man buys clothes but can’t figure out his size. Although it is a matter of course, but always carries 2 different sizes of the same clothes at the same time, and it is too confusing to line up in front of the fitting room with a maximum of 3 clothes. People are distraught. In case the “Sanlitun Incident” is being staged in the fitting room, it would be a deadly cat. I still think about it now.

How to measure the sleeve length of clothes

It depends on what you measure. Different styles have different measuring methods. Men’s and women’s measuring methods are also different. And, the size you are talking about refers to the size of which part of the clothes. The most conventional ones are the length of the clothes and the sleeves. Long, high cuffs (this is for clothes) pants have trouser length, front wave, back wave, knee circumference, hem circumference, etc…

The sleeve is the distance from the fingertips of one end to the fingertips of the other end, which is basically equal to the height.

The appropriate sleeve length of the shirt is shown in the figure, measured from your shoulder point to 1.5cm.

So the above content is some information about how to measure the sleeve length of clothes. I hope this article can help netizens get some content that they want to know. The sketch map of measuring clothes size is carefully collected and compiled by the editor, hoping to help everyone. Scroll down and there are many related articles recommended, don’t miss the wonderful content! Where does the sleeve length start to measure? If you think it’s good to write about where to start measuring the length of the sleeve, I hope everyone can help forward and recommend it. If you can give us more help and support, we will do better. If you have any questions about where to start measuring the length of the clothes, please leave a comment

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