How to Write Blogs That Rank on Page One

Writing content for SEO purposes entails a different approach. It’s not only about writing relevant content but understanding the technical aspect to rank high on search engines. Google uses blogs to determine which websites are more relevant to the keywords used. Hence, it makes sense to find ways to write blogs that will rank high. The good thing is that experts from San Francisco SEO agencies can figure out how to do it. 

Here are some useful tips to be on top of search engines when writing blogs. 

1. Write for a human reader

While SEO writing is technical, it still helps to make it comprehensible to human readers. After all, once the content reaches the top, human beings will read it. Even if it’s perfect for Google’s algorithms, readers won’t appreciate it if it sounds too technical and unnatural. Include quality information and relevant details like statistics, research results, and excerpts from news stories. They’re valuable to the readers.

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2. Use the best heading

Not everyone has enough time to go through the entire content. Some people will only read the heading before they decide to check the rest. Even if the website appeared on page one, users would still choose other links if the heading isn’t enticing enough. SEO writers spend hours creating the article body when a significant percentage of the time should go to headline creation. If the readers didn’t feel enticed by looking at the title, the content would go to waste.

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3. Consider writing content to capture the featured snippets

The featured snippets appear on top of the search engine. After searching for the keyword, Google highlighted one response and placed it on a box. It’s an endorsement of the answer being the most relevant to the keyword. There are a few tricks to capture the featured snippet. Start by writing quality content. It should also intentionally respond to the specific question. Keep the sentences short and straightforward. Google also prefers answers written using bullet points. Again, the goal of the snippet box is to give users the answers in a snap. However, it’s important to remember that snatching the top box doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. Someone else might take it away.

4. Write content that solves problems 

When people read blogs, they have specific issues in mind. They want to answer some questions that bother them. They need a specific response. They might also want to know more about the pros and cons of certain products. Blogs usually focus on giving tips, offering a step by step process, presenting different issues, and giving updates. Blogs written in this format are most likely going to rank high.

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5. Add alt text to the images 

The blogs should contain at least one image per post. It depends on the article length. Standard blogs that are about 500 words long need one picture. It will also help boost the ranking. Since photos don’t contain words, using alt text is helpful. It makes the picture relevant to the keyword, and it will push the content higher on search engines.

6. Optimize the right keyword

Search engine optimization is about keywords. Optimize the right keywords so that when users look for them, the content will appear on top. Some tools and reputation management software will help determine which keywords are perfect for optimization. Some of them might be too short and popular. Optimizing them will be challenging.

7. Use keywords appropriately

Back then, blog writers decided to use as many keywords as possible within the text. It was a strategy to ensure that the algorithms view the content as most relevant. The problem is that it makes the keywords sound unnatural. Readers dislike it if they receive information that way. Therefore, Google penalizes blogs that use keyword flooding as a strategy. There’s nothing wrong with using the keyword or a variation of the primary keyword several times as long as it sounds natural. It should blend well in the sentence and entice the readers to click the link.

Final Takeaway

Creating a blog might seem easy, but there are many factors to consider. The good thing is that there are experts from the likes of quality San Francisco SEO agencies. They can help create the perfect blog that will rank high on search engines and make the business popular. Publishing several blogs of top quality can take the business in the right direction. More potential customers will see what the company offers, and it’s a step closer to success.

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