Important Tips to Attempt IBPS Clerk Exam

From the past few years, the demand for banking jobs has increased consequently. The IBPS clerk exam recruits the candidates in the clerical positions in many public sector banks. Candidates wishing to make their career and take banking as their profession have to clear these examinations. Certain tips have to be followed in a consistent way to clear the exam. The first step is to know the examination pattern and the syllabus. IBPS clerk exam consists of two stages: The prelims and the Mains.

The exam pattern of the prelims are as below

1. Reasoning Ability

2. English language

3. Numerical Ability

Each has a duration of 20 minutes. The total duration is 1 hour.

The exam pattern of the mains are

1. General and Financial Awareness, the exam duration is 35 minutes.

2. General English, the duration is 35 minutes

3. Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude, the duration is 45 minutes.

4. Quantitative Aptitude, the duration is 45 minutes.

The total exam duration is 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The syllabus for the IBPS Clerk Prelims is as below

The syllabus of English are 

  • Chapter 1 Tense Rules
  • Chapter 2 Reading and Comprehension
  • Chapter 3 Jumbled Paragraphs 
  • Chapter 4 Cloze Test
  • Chapter 5 Idioms and Phrases
  • Chapter 6 Multiple Meaning 
  • Chapter 7 is Error Spotting and the preposition rules

Topics for Reasoning Ability are 

  • Topics 1 Alphabetic Series
  • Topic 2 Logic Reasoning
  • Topic 3 Alphanumeric Series
  • Topic 4 Direction Tests and Seating arrangements
  • Topic 5 Coded Inequalities
  • Topic 6 Puzzles, Tabulations and Syllogism
  • Topic 7 Input-Output, Blood Relations and Coding-Decoding.

The Topics in the Numerical Ability are

  • Chapter 1 is Quadratic equations
  • Chapter 2 is ProfitLoss and Discounts
  • Chapter 3 is Mixtures and Alligations
  • Chapter 4 is Surdes and inches
  • Chapter 5 is Work and Time
  • Chapter 6 is Speed Distance and Time
  • Chapter 7 is Sphere, Cylinder, Cone and Mensuration
  • Chapter 8 is Ratio Proportion and Percentage
  • Chapter 9 is Data Interpretation, Number system and Sequences and Series
  • Chapter 10 Is Probability, Permutation and Combination.

The IBPS mains has the same Syllabus as the Prelims but in more detail.

General English- Vocabulary, Tense Rules Grammar, Idioms and phrases and Reading Comprehension.

Reasoning Ability and Computer Aptitude

Reasoning Ability consists of chapters 

  • Chapter 1 Blood Relations
  • Chapter 2 Syllogism
  • Chapter 3 Analogy
  • Chapter 4 Sense of Direction and Distance
  • Chapter 5 Alphanumeric Series and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Chapter 6 Coding and Decoding
  • Chapter 7 is Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The chapters which are included in Computer Aptitude include:

  • Chapter 1 is Operating System
  • Chapter 2 is Internet and the associated topics
  • Chapter 3 is Computer Aptitude and basic Hardware and Software.
  • Chapter 4 is Microsoft and word processing.
  • Chapter 5 is Basic computer Networking
  • Chapter 6 is History of computing
  • Chapter 7 is the Basics of Cyber Security Tools and process
  • Chapter 8 is Basics of Databases.

Quantitative Aptitude- Percentages and Clock Ray Questions, Ratio and Proportion, Time Speed and Distance, Work and Time Equations and Mixtures and Alligations, Measures of Central Tendency, and Basic Statistics. Stocks, Shares and Debentures, Volume and Surface Area, Logarithms, Permutations and Combinations, Partnerships and Heights and Distances, Probability, Simple and Compound interest, Discounts and Profit Loss, Basic Algebra and Basic Trigonometry, Data Interpretation, Graphs and Charts Bars.

General and Financial Awareness- Static General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Banking Awareness, India’s Financial and Banking system, Budget and the monetary plans of government, Key Nation Institutions, Basics of Banking.

IBPS Clerk Exam has the following age restrictions.

The age of the candidate should be of minimum 20 Years and a Maximum of 28 Years of age. There is relaxation on the upper age limit for certain categories.

Educational Qualification

The candidate wishing to appear for the exam should have graduation from the recognized university.

Important Tips to Attempt IBPS Clerk Exam

Candidates should know the exam pattern and the syllabus thoroughly to prepare for the IBPS Clerk Exam. This will give an appropriate idea of the type of questions and the important topics which have to be focussed more.

One has to clear both Prelims and the mains to be eligible for clerical positions in the bank. Make sure the preparations are not vaguely done. You have to be sure of your answer as there will be a negative marking for wrong answers.

Subject Wise Preparation

Quantitative Aptitude

1. Practise memorising the formulas and know where and when these formulas to be applied. This will be helpful to solve all problems in a quick manner.

2. Work out the problems as much as possible. The only way to get proper knowledge of this subject is only through practice. More focus can be given to Geometry, Permutations and Combinations, Time Speed and Distance.

3. Practise whenever you have free time. You can also make a study plan according to your convenience. It will be easy for you to focus on all the sections in the most productive way.


1. This section consists of Seating Arrangements and more of the puzzles, data sufficiency, Direct Sense, Input-Output, Order and Ranking. Practise the diagrams and the puzzles more often. Practise is the key solution to clear the exam in the best way.

2. Focus more on calculation; this will help you to be quick and reduce mistakes.


1. English will be easy if you have a good command of the language. Check on the meanings of new words. Read books, magazines and the newspaper. You can also improve your communication skills if you regularly speak English.

2. Make it a point to read every day to practise and improve the pronunciation.

3. Try to solve the previous year question paper to know the type of questions and the way it has to be answered.

4. Practise grammar topics.

Remember any subject or topic one has to practise to get a proper grip.

General Tips for IBPS clerk exam

1. Take as many IBPS clerk prelims mock tests as possible. This will give you the practice of speed and accuracy.

2. Understand all the topics and know your strong and weak points. By doing this you can analyze to calculate the time to be given to that particular topic.

3. Make a study plan and divide the syllabus with all topics and plan a proper chart to study every day.

4. Don’t make a habit of doing guesswork even while practising also. Be sure of the answers.

5. Practise the model and the previous year question paper to get an idea of the marks against the questions and also to know the time management.

6. Once you solve the paper and the mock tests, analyze your marks and know where you went wrong and how you can do better. Once you know the facts about your mistakes it is easier to rectify them.

Following the above tips will surely help you to clear the IBPS clerk exam. Nothing is easy but with proper goals and hard work, nothing will be impossible. Focus on your goals and make your mindset clear for the exam. This will increase your motivation  to work towards your goal. Don’t just take anything for granted and be overconfident. Take a proper grip of the syllabus and make a study plan. 

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