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Due to their low protection in comparison to other vehicles, motorcycle riders face a relatively high risk of getting injured in accidents. Some motorcycle specific features, such as being two-wheeled, smaller and more agile than other traffic participants, make it more likely for accidents, caused by other drivers, external influences, and a rider’s lack of skill, to occur. To protect themselves, motorcycle riders should take several precautions before and after an accident.

Protective Measures

There are various ways a motorcycle accident can negatively impact your life. It does not only endanger your existence and health. By damaging other property, people and your own bike, you can suffer financial blows that can cost you much of your income. Here are the best strategies to protect both your health and wealth.


The best protection is the prevention of accidents altogether. Since we cannot guarantee they won’t happen, all we can do is make them less likely. The influence we have on other road users is limited, but we can change our behavior to reduce the risk of accidents.

Studies have shown the influence of perception skills in motorcycle accidents. As you might assume, those riders who have scored higher in neurological tests concerning their perception were able to identify hazardous situations much faster. The riders with lower scores were overwhelmingly the ones who had been in accidents in the past.

The good news: perception skills and reaction times can be improved. Crash prevention classes teach different driving behaviors and situations that often cause accidents. Participants can train spotting them and rehearse the correct actions to avoid getting hurt.

Injury Protection

Wearing motorcycle gear is the most basic step when it comes to protecting yourself in case of an accident. A full set of protective clothing combines:

  • a full-face motorcycle helmet
  • motorcycle clothing (jacket & pants or a suit with reflective elements)
  • motorcycle gloves and
  • motorcycle boots

Look for professional vendors such as They carry high quality protective gear. Check it for quality signs such as a CE marking. It means the clothing matches the European Commission’s safety and quality standards for personal protective equipment (PPE). The same safety rating applies to protective clothing that is used to shield workers such as firefighters and armed forces from occupational hazards.

Good motorcycle helmets have safety certificates too. Look for DOT, SHARP, Snell, ECE stickers or similar.


A motorcycle insurance protects you from physical and financial losses. They cover accidents, calamities, and theft. Consider getting an insurance with:

  • third-party liability coverage: it covers the damage you cause to other people and their property
  • damage protection: it covers repairs to your bike such as accidents or vandalism

In some countries, riding a motorcycle without insurance is illegal and will cause you fines and penalties.

A good health insurance helps you cover for treatments after an accident. Many insurance providers have additional packages providing coverage specifically tailored to accident injuries. They cover:

  • ambulance rides
  • hospital bills
  • doctors, surgeons, (physical) therapists
  • and much more

Examine your health insurance’s coverage. Some exclude motorcycle accidents entirely or only pay for a set number of treatments.


If an accident has happened, it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer. Many of them specialize in motorcycle accidents. Whether you are at fault or not, the lawyer will help you with paperwork and make sure you receive or have to pay fair compensations, if any at all.

If you are in an accident situation, exchange contact and insurance information with the other party but don’t admit to anything just yet. If possible, take pictures and get the contact information of witnesses. Accidents can cost a lot of money and most people will try to paint you as the liable person, whether you are responsible or not.


The only measure you can take to prevent accidents is schooling your own skill and perception and wearing reflective clothing to increase visibility. If you are in an accident, motorcycle gear with safety and quality certificates offers the best protection from injuries.

A motorcycle and health insurance protects you from financial ruin. They can cover many of the bills for repair, replacements, and hospital bills. A personal injury lawyer helps you navigate the legal system and protects you from unfair treatment. They make sure you have to pay or receive the right amount of compensation.

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