Is pursuing BA at the right career option?

Bachelor of Arts, popularly known as BA, is an undergraduate degree awarded for a program in Arts, Humanities, Liberal Arts, and other few disciplines. A Bachelor of Arts degree generally lasts for three or four years, depending on the course, country, or institution. The degree is also well-known as BA General or BA Pass in several parts of the world. In India, many students take BA admission to excel in subjects like English, Sociology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Philosophy, Law, Psychology, Hindi, History, Political Science, or Physical Education.

As a Bachelor of Arts course can be pursued right after completing the higher secondary school certificate examination, students consider it to make an early debut in professional life. Apart from this, you can earn a BA degree in a full-time, part-time, correspondence, or distance education mode. This blog outlines various benefits of pursuing a BA course. Read on to explore why a bachelor’s degree in Arts is the right career option.

Benefits of pursuing a BA degree

  1. It’s a better return on investment

Undergraduate programs in the science or commerce stream are relatively expensive than arts stream courses. A large chunk of students graduates with high debt every year. In comparison to this, you hardly need to apply for student loans to pursue a Bachelor of Arts program. Interestingly, the accumulated cost of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in India ranges between INR 10,000 and INR 1,00,000.

  1. This degree opens doors to a wide range of job opportunities

If you’re a civil service aspirant, public administrator, lawyer, social activist, psychologist, associate, or journalist, a Bachelor of Arts course will provide you with solid foundational knowledge. With a BA degree, you can work in a spectrum of industries and earn handsome compensation for your work.

  1. BA degree boosts your career prospects

At present, the global labor market is quite competitive, and developing a skillset besides strong academic knowledge is crucial to gain an edge over others. Thus, a Bachelor of Arts focuses on equipping you with a deep understanding of the field to prepare you to leap ahead in this competitive landscape.

  1. You can go for higher education

The educational path does not end with a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree just acts as a stepping-stone to career advancement. With a bachelor’s degree in Arts, you can access many more qualifications to make a lucrative career. A few most sought-after qualifications that you can obtain with a bachelor’s degree include Master’s, MBAs, and Ph.D.

  1. You will have more networking opportunities

Since you will be starting your professional career relatively earlier than students with a master’s degree, you would like to have two years in advance to forge links with professionals for future career prospects. The more you meet new people, the more you will have opportunities to advance your career.

After walking through the benefits of pursuing a Bachelor’s in Arts degree, don’t you think it is a better return on investment? If yes, apply to the course right away!

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