Marketing Your Bakery: Win Customers With These Ideas

When you walk by a bakery, it is hard to resist the temptation of not buying a treat from the bakery unless you are not a cake or dessert lover. The baking aroma and the delicious sight make us drool instantly and spend money on the sweet treats. It has been largely observed that many bakeries have sprung up in nooks and crannies of the town. Some are small; some are big, some sell personalised treats, while others everything that you need.

With bakeries being such a lucrative business and competition being so tough, here are some of the ways to market your bakery business and win customers over:

  1. Start an Online Website and App with Ordering Functioning: Everything is online; why should your bakery be offline? Even if you have a popular bakery store in the street and runs well, do have an online presence. Not always it is feasible for everyone to stop by the bakery and shop. People like comforts and conveniences. So, a dedicated website that allows them to order cakes in a click will do wonders for your bakery business. Alongside, the website has mobile apps because mobile users are increasingly high. To gain users, ask them to Download Bakingo android app, place an order and get 10% off, or cupcakes free with cakes or any other enticing offer.

2. Tempt Your Customers: When you are running a bakery, you have to attract customers in various ways. The first and foremost way is to give them quality. If your cakes and desserts are fresh and tasty, customers will come to you naturally. Then, to ensure they are frequent buys and reach is higher, allure them through giveaways and discounts. These days, everyone is on the lookout for good offers. Someone who hasn’t tried your bakery may order because of the offer and then become a loyal customer because of the taste and quality of the product.

3. Be Active and Smart on Social Media: Social Media is a powerful tool. Leverage its power to engage with customers and build your brand. Post beautiful pictures on Instagram with trending hashtags to gain popularity. Do not miss the cake and dessert videos; it does excellent than posts. Collaborate with influencers to spread the word about the brand and gain followers. Post giveaways and contests to have engagement and followers. Social media can do wonders for your business. Make sure you judiciously use its features for your brand.

4. Have Trend on Goodies: Cake trends come and go. Some last longer and create a strong impact, like the pinata cake and pull-me-up cake. If you have to stay on top of the business, sell on the trend on goodies. Give a sweet reason to your customers to order cake online or offline from your bakery. In addition to trending goodies, have cakes and desserts as per people’s preference like gluten-free, vegan, eggless to have diversified customers at your bakery. Please everyone that comes to your bakery with something or the other.

5. Be Friendly Always: The risk is always high with the food business. Bakery items are more perishable, and everyone has a different taste. It may happen that during the transportation, the cake may get distorted or the taste as expected by the customer is not the same. These unforeseen incidents are common and can occur. When a complaint is registered, be friendly and initiate a replacement or refund policy if possible. Be accountable. This is a smart move to gain customers’ trust and ensure they come back to you every time.

I hope these ideas will take your bakery business to the next level.

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