NEET 2021 Preparation: Check Important Books and Study Plan

Even though the tentative date for NEET 2021 is yet to be announced, students should not let their guards down. You can choose from a range of courses like MBBS, BDS, BUMS, etc., after qualifying NEET. If you are a NEET aspirant, this blog will help you find out if you are headed in the right direction. 

Best Books for NEET 2021

The biggest mistake that students commit is referring to a lot of books. You will not be judged on how many books you read but how much you know the concepts. The best way is to go through a maximum of 2 books thoroughly. Pay attention to learning things well and clearing your understanding of concepts rather than hoarding books. 

Here is a list of the best books for NEET:

  1. NCERT Books: Referring to NCERT textbooks for physics, chemistry, and biology is a must. These books provide a good foundation for all the subjects. And the best part is that by studying these thoroughly, you will be prepared for your 12th board exams as well.
  2. H.C. Verma for Physics: If there is one book that can be called the bible of physics for NEET preparation, it is H.C. Verma’s Physics for 12th class. Here you will find theories explained in simple terms and lots of numerical questions to practice. 
  3. Numericals by M. Karim: Once you have mastered the theory, it is time to master the numerical questions. In NEET Physics Paper, numericals are the most scoring part. When you know the right formula, you can solve them within minutes. This requires practice, though. And that you can achieve that with this book dedicated book to numericals. Try to solve as many as possible. 
  4. Dinesh Chemistry Guide: Many students complain that NCERT books have just one example for different chemical reactions. Plus, it does not have practice questions. Dinesh Chemistry Guide is perfect to complement NCERT chemistry books. Here, you will find detailed descriptions of reactions, formulae, and also theory. The book also comes with a list of MCQs asked in different competitive exams. So, it will help you with your NEET MCQs practice too.
  5. Dinesh Companion Biology: This book helps you get an in-depth but concise knowledge of different biology chapters. The sections on genetics, environment, and botany are particularly well-written. At the end of each chapter, you will find a list of MCQs asked in various medical entrance exams over the year. Dinesh Publications also has a dedicated question bank. You can refer to it for honing your MCQ solving speed.

Check the complete list of NEET best books here at

Study Plan

So, we have got all the books, now is the time for a study plan for NEET 2021 preparation. The human brain is an extraordinary thing. You need to train it to follow a pattern. And when it comes to preparing for a competitive exam, it is important to follow a routine. This increases your concentration and efficiency. This is how you should carve out your study plan:

  1. Find out your most productive time: Everyone is most productive at some part of the day and not throughout. Reserve this time for covering the topics that trouble you or for self-studying. This will ensure that you do not forget the concepts.
  2. Practice daily: No matter how many chapters you have covered, dedicate 1 hour daily to solving at least 20 questions. Your speed and accuracy will definitely increase with time.
  3. Know your body clock: Do not alter your body clock. Instead, focus on studying qualitatively than quantitatively. Study for a few hours but with full concentration to get better results. Sleep properly, have proper meals, and meditate. This will definitely help you in your exam preparation.

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