The top 5 components that every virtual phone system and cloud-based service must have to be successful

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their communication. Not only do they need to make intercompany communication seamless and efficient to ensure management staff is connecting with the employees, but those working at a business need to effectively speak with customers to figure out what is working and what isn’t.

If you find that your emails, phone calls, text message, and other services are not getting through to your new customers and clients, you need to figure out why before you lose them as a precious business. If you go too long without figuring out why you are having no luck with connecting with your target market, then you will end up losing precious business that can keep you afloat in the long run.

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The 5 must-have components of a virtual phone system

Businesses need to use the latest and greatest technology to stay with the pack. If you forgo the latest innovations and technologies, you will end up still sending letters in the mail and leaving voicemails when you could be using more effective communication methods. To boost your outreach and get the attention of your target market, you need a reliable virtual phone system to connect.

Although phone calls have worked in the past, a modern virtual phone system incorporates other technologies that make it ten times more effective than just leaving voicemails, ringing a person’s phone over and over again, or using pre-recorded telemarketing messages. Technology continues to change the way that all businesses operate – and your business should be no different!

Here are the must-have components that a virtual phone system needs to be effective in today’s society. Make sure that before choosing a virtual phone system and a company to work with that you double-check for all of these features and services so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Voice over internet protocol technology transmissions

One of the most important aspects of a modern virtual phone system for your business is a virtual over internet protocol technology transmission system. If you don’t know what this is, do some basic research to see if this can boost your business productivity. This type of technology is a business telecom system that uses the connectivity of the internet instead of being physically tied to just one landline. Instead of being tied down to one location or one physical piece, you can use internet technology to be connected to various items, such as different laptops or phones.

By observation, the best business VOIP technology increases your scale, reduces the need for maintenance, requires less technical setup than others, and provides multiple communication outlets.

Private branch exchange compatibility

The second feature of a virtual phone system that is an absolute must when it comes to enhancing the productivity of your business is compatibility with a private branch exchange system. This system, also called a PBX system, lets you connect with your telecom provider so you can host calls from an onsite location or from remote locations, such as your home office, cafe, or other WiFi hotspots.

If you find that you are a new entrepreneur or small business that needs to be constantly connected, using the private branch exchange system lets you use all the necessary capabilities of a virtual phone system at a less expensive price than other choices.

The main benefits of using this private branch exchange system include the ability to control the extensions within your business, enable call forwarding to avoid interrupting calls, activate conference calls, and provide hands-on support if needed.

High internet connectivity levels

The third feature that every successful virtual phone system must have to boost your business productivity is a high level of internet connection. If you find that your business is not able to stay connected during phone calls, your email is not sending, and you are losing business, it is time to switch providers.

Reliable virtual phone systems should provide a powerful internet connection that lets you transmit voice data, increases your internet bandwidth, increases your network connectivity, and boosts your call quality so it remains clear and does not drop while you are speaking with important clients or customers.

Reliable phone numbers

The next aspect that every beneficial virtual phone system must have is the selection of reliable phone numbers to choose from for your business. Instead of using your personal cell phone, which can scream unprofessionalism, use a reliable phone number that is assigned to your system for clients and customers to call you.

Since you can just have one phone number to deal with, you can avoid any confusion when it comes to getting into with people in your business. Furthermore, the phone number is not tied down to one physical location, meaning you can work on the go or from a remote office. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you know that flexibility is key – a virtual phone system provides you with a phone number you can access from anywhere.


The final characteristic that every successful virtual phone system needs to have for success is flexibility and versatility. If your virtual phone system cannot adapt to your changing business needs, you need to switch providers. A virtual phone system needs to have flexible terms, along with providing optimized endpoints that make your internet signal useful in various locations. With flexible endpoints, your business will never worry about losing connectivity.


If you are a small business or entrepreneur, having a virtual phone system is the best way to stay connected to clients and customers. Make sure the virtual phone system you choose has a flexible service, reliable phone numbers, powerful internet connection, private branch exchange compatibility, and voice-over internet protocol. By choosing a service that has all of these characteristics, you can ensure the productivity and effectiveness of your business will be increased.

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