What are the most trending tools for film music composition in 2022?

Now is probably a great time for working in the global music and entertainment industry. As technology is dominating every frame of content creation in the movie space, music creation is no longer dependent on expansive teams and costly resources.

Today, there are countless online tools and resources that can let you compose enthralling music for motion pictures, documentaries and short films. In fact, independent films often outsource the music composition to freelance artists who create background scores on their laptops!

As a musical career aspirant, you should therefore be aware of the different music composition tools and technologies available in the market. You can learn about music composition for film through multiple resources like online tutorials or a formal music degree.

Read ahead to explore some of the trending music composition tools dominating the market in 2022.

3 Popular music composition tools for film music composers in 2022

Although there are plenty of choices in the market, here are the top music composition tools that you should check out for your work as a film composer.

  1. Albion One by Spitfire: Albion One can be a good starting point for anyone interested in creating music for visual media. It has an expansive 90 GB library of a steam synthesizer, hitting percussions and a 109-piece orchestra. Additionally, there are enough in-built sound effects from dense chilling textures to abstract string runs. The best thing about the software is that it can be endlessly customised as per your requirements.
  2. Arcade by Output: Arcade by Output is considered as one of the most funky and fun virtual instruments available to music composers at all levels. You can use this cloud-based platform to download sound kits and loops on your computer to create original soundtracks. Arcade can help you recreate a lot of interesting sound effects for your tracks from eclectic toys to glitchy drums. A recent update can also let you make music for action sequences and trailers.
  3. Bassynth by Wave Alchemy: While Wave Alchemy primarily created Bassynth for recreating low-end sound elements, this tool is capable of a lot more. The platform has a 11GB database of organic percussions, drum machines, polysynths, and noise and foley. One of the best features of this tool is its 4-voice engine which you can use to create multiple voice-overs simultaneously for your tracks.

Other trending music composition tools include Ableton Live, MOTU Digital Performer, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro X and Steinberg Cubase. A few other popular tools include Spitfire Hans Zimmer Percussion, Arturia V-Collection, and LA Modern Percussion by Audio Ollie.

Experimenting with different music composition tools can give you a wide array of music effects that can allow you to create rich background tracks and sound scores. Hence, you should make it a point to familiarise yourself with all the top music composition tools.

A good music degree can introduce you to the top industry-relevant music composition tools and technologies as well as hone your composition skills. Look for appropriate music composition programmes today to become a successful film music composer.

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