What is an Early Reader?

This is a reader who is new to working with strategies for recognizing words and comprehending literature. Have you ever used a grade calculator? According to studies, reading to children from infancy and developing a routine would be an effective way to begin their early reading skills.

Here’re some effective strategies parents can use to help their kids develop early reading skills. My son is an early reader right now, and so I will tell you about all of the strategies that I use to help him become a more effective reader.

Phonics and vocabulary: Phonics skills refer to the ability to understand which letters make which sounds. Can you use a high school GPA calculator? Vocabulary skills refer to the ability to comprehend what the words mean. Parents can define a word or use the clues in a story to help the kids determine the meaning. The more words the children learn, the more they’ll understand the story.

Pointing out the words: Pointing out words can help a kid follow where and what the parent is reading. Parents can have the kids follow along by moving a finger under the words as they read.

Trying different books: Parents should encourage their kids to read different stories, books, or articles. Magazines offer many variations such as interesting facts, stories, puzzles, and much more.

Asking questions: Parents should ask questions when they read to their children. Asking questions allows parents to assess kids’ understanding of the book or the story they’re reading. Parents can ask the children what they think will happen next or which character they like the most in the story.

Choosing books wisely: Parents shouldn’t confuse their children by getting too many books.

Being expressive: Parents can change their voice to match the action that’s happening in the story or different characters. They need to try to pull children into reading by adding in a factor of excitement and surprise.

Observing and analyzing: Once parents have developed a reading routine, they should start observing and analyzing what the kids are learning and implementing. This is crucial because once the children step into kindergarten, they’ll need to face multiple areas related to reading.

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Concluding Thoughts

Early readers are new to the strategies of recognizing sounds and understanding what is written. The development of early reading skills is usually dependent on the parents’ decision to create a routine to read to the child, from infancy, to help them learn how to read and understand the stories. As there is no prior knowledge of the language, it is important for the parent to implement strategies that help the child recognize the sounds that make up the letter, then sound out each letter, before building up to read the word. When reading, parents are encouraged to be expressive, creating distinct voices for different characters, and observing how the child is learning and implementing. Early reading is a great skill for the child to have as they join kindergarten, and preparing them for this phase is never a bad idea.

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