Why Jelly Babies attract Kids soo much

We know what you’re imagining, what unbelievable genius discovered the delicious jelly baby? Well, legend who has discovered it was an Australian foreigner in 1864. The original design was something of a misunderstanding. He was meant to create a design for jelly bearshowever, it appears the jelly baby was born alternatively – pun wholly intended.

And thus, the reign of the mass baby started. After a brief break, traditional sweet maker Basset’s took up the form of the rather more mysterious first name ‘unclaimed babies’ and rebranded them ‘Peace Babies’ to indicate the end of World War I. These different desserts had a more practical baby look, closer to the sweets we know today.

Ironically, the creation of Peace Babies was interrupted by wartime deficits in World War II, but – luckily for all of us – they were relaunched authorised as Jelly Babies in 1953.


Maybe it sounds like a weird question, but Sweets in the City appears to know that jelly babies come with their personas – even their names!

The Jelly Baby gang consists of Bubbles, Baby Bonny, Boofuls, Bigheart and Bumper.

Not only do they have names, but Jelly Babies are also something of a home name – and that’s not only because they’re so delicious. They’ve created more than millions of fan following all over the world. The kids show their immense love for the jelly babies and the best part about these candies are that these are light weight and easy to carry anywhere.


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have seen that Boofuls – everyone’s personal green Jelly Baby seems to be crying. But don’t worry, nothing unfortunate has happened, Boofuls is just a little worried. In a 1993 Jelly Babies advert, it was announced the Boofuls cries at everything – whether she’s happy or unhappy – “she’s a real cry baby”.

We’re not sure about you, but all those Jelly Baby sweet actions have put us in the state for some Jelly Babies of our own. Fortunately, now you can easily get your favorite jelly babies in the online stores.

Different type of candies are popular in Australia. Australia is a totally different world with amazing fun loving people. They really admire chocolates and candies and really fond of variety of lollies. And that is the reason jelly babies are very popular among kids here in Australia. And because these candies have their own charm, attract kids, they really like its different juicy flavours. We all know that world is going through a pandemic and things have changed alot in real world. So if you are also willing to buy Jelly Babies online in Australia then you can get it from Sweet As. An online confectionary store offering different type of lollies and chocolate brands at attractive price. They offer heavy discount on bulk purchases and gift items.

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