Why You Need to Hire a Title IX Attorney for High School Case

It can really be depressing to face the investigation of Title IX. It can be a nightmare for the student, who has been accused of such misconduct. That’s why it is important to look for your legal rights and know your options well in advance. These charges are serious and need to be taken care of by an expert who has complete knowledge about such cases in the past. It is highly recommended to contact a high school Title IX lawyer if you are facing such a problem in your school.

The role played by Title IX in the education system

In the United States, all educational institutes receiving federal funding should offer education to all students irrespective of sex and gender. All of them should have equal opportunities to gain education and build a career. 

The legal system requires all the schools to implement Title IX so that the student’s academic life is smooth and no case of sexual harassment and discrimination occurs. It not only saves the lives of students but the faculty and visitors also receive the same protection.  An attorney can understand the legal system better and guide the student who has been accused of these serious charges. He can look into the investigation and suggest the best remedies.

How are criminal charges and Title IX different?

Even if after accusing you, no formal report has been made about the sexual misconduct, the school may require you to attend the hearing along with your Title IX advisor. It will be held in front of the disciplinary committee, which comprises faculty, staff, and fellow students. The purpose of holding this committee is to establish the fact whether you are guilty or innocent. Moreover, based on your standing, the college will impose the consequences and take the final decision.

If the case is reported and another party sues the accused person, the case will remain in court for assessment, and the charges will be severe and followed by dire consequences. The school may or may not file the formal complaint depending on the extent and nature of the crime. 

In both cases, it is suggested to contact a lawyer who can review your case, investigate and suggest the legal options based on the state’s laws. He can even speak to another party on your behalf in both Title IX and criminal cases. To find the best lawyer in town, you should connect to the internet.

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