Oftentimes both, consuming CBD and practising yoga and meditation are done with the same goal in mind – to reduce physical pain, to improve mood, to calm anxious and erratic thoughts and behavior, to get sleep and to achieve the spiritual connection of mind, body and soul.

As a matter of fact, CBD and yoga have been connected for years and years now due to their same benefits. These two have been intertwined for ages now. Since centuries, both cannabis and yoga have been used by the people of ancient and modern times for their numerous holistic properties. These two have harmonious, calming and synergetic effects on the mind and body. They complement and amplify their properties and benefits they have. They increase the focus and concentration of an individual. Yoga and CBD when combined together deepen the connection of a person to their mind and inner self. It also makes you fit and healthy.

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So here we are with the four ways by which you can incorporate CBD into your Yoga or Meditation.

1. Feel Bliss 

Yoga and meditation has the power to give you the feeling of bliss. When you consume penguin cbd before or during the yoga practice or meditation, it can help you even extend it for a longer duration.. Our body has a ‘bliss hormone’ that is a neurotransmitter called Anandamide that is naturally released by our brain when we are feeling happy and relaxed. The neurotransmitters are very fragile in nature, so they break down after a short span of time. CBD helps in prolonging this feeling.

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Many researches have shown that CBD helps in suppressing the enzyme that causes the Anandamide to break down. Peace and bliss is extended due to it. If you apply hemp oil then it will be prolonged.

2. Maintain and increase concentration during yoga

If you are one of those who have a hard time focusing during your yoga or meditation, then CBD is the solution for you. It will calm your wandering mind when you are doing yoga. It will help you to focus on your poses and settle the running  thoughts. Combination of CBD with yoga and meditation is very effective for getting focus and concentration. Having a cup of CBD infused tea will have a positive effect on your mind. Simply apply some hemp oil onto the skin, wrists, neck or the forehead. You can also use CBD oil roll-ons for easy application. 

 3. Creating Oneness of mind, body and soul

Yoga and meditation helps in creating the sense of oneness of mind, body and soul. CBD has the natural power to enhance the physical sensations of the person and heightens them. Both of them, when combined, give calming and relaxing sensations. You can achieve the oneness of mind, body and soul by the amalgamation of these two to achieve ‘nirvana’.

Prepare a cup of hemp tea or any other CBD products. You can put some hemp oil in the middle of the forehead where the pituitary gland is located to increase the concentration.

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 Yoga and CBD are very effective for different physical ailments such as chronic pain, gastric problems, muscle pains and inflammation. Yoga helps in rehabilitation whereas CBD is useful for treating physical pain and discomfort. If you also suffer from discomfort or pain after being in yoga or meditation poses due to sore muscles, then consuming products such as best CBD gummies for anxiety can be very helpful for you. 

4. Calming Anxious and Erratic Thoughts

CBD has proven effects on anxiety and stress. It helps in fighting stress and depression. It’s one of the major reasons for its consumption. It is very effective in improving the mood of the person who consumes it. The nervous and endocannabinoid system of the consumer’s body are directly affected by CBD. It helps the body to stimulate the manufacturing of hormones that facilitate in improving the mood. It helps in regulating the mood which consequently makes you feel calm, relaxed, tension-free and happy. Yoga and meditation also have somewhat similar effects on your body and mind. If you combine the two of them together, the effects will be multiplied making you feel more calm, relaxed, tension-free and happy. As a result, the stress will be eliminated and your mood will improve.

You  can apply hemp oil on your forehead or wrists before doing yoga. Or you can have edible CBD teas or any other CBD infused drinks.

We secrete a hormone called ‘Cortisol’ which is the main cause of stress in human beings. People having a high level of cortisol in the human body can cause a high level of stress and anxiety. There are some ways by which you can reduce the level of cortisol in the body. A study has proven that yoga is effective in reducing the release of cortisol. This results in eliminating stress, anxiety and depression

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