Best Poker Variants at Online Casinos

We know all too well that you may want to stick to your preferred poker variant, and why would you change considering the innumerable funds which that poker variant on online casinos blessed upon you.

But, for those looking for a more adventurous style of poker and who want to step outside the box, we have a few new poker variants that you need to try out on the online king casino. Sometimes the classics, like Texas Hold’em, can get tedious and foggy in among an air of seriousness, so, we are here to clue you into a couple of little variants that you need to check out.

Some of you high rollers out there might be thinking that it is serious poker or nothing, but to them, we say that it is time to cheer up and take a more casual game of poker.

What are the most popular Poker Variants in Online Casinos?

There are actually over fifteen classic poker variants that are commonly played in the online casino, and that is not counting, of course, the variants that people and dealers introduce themselves to mix up the game.

If you are looking for a different kind of thrill, we have outlined the various popular poker variants that you need to play in the online casino:

Texas Hold’em

The world’s most popular form of online (and offline!) poker. If you have seen James Bond or been to any casino then you have most certainly witnessed Texas Hold’em going down!

Omaha Hi

This variant is also commonly known as Pot Limit Omaha, but it has just a couple of crucial differences to Texas Hold’em: the player is dealt four cards, instead of two, but they can only use two of them.

Omaha Hi-Lo

As you may have guessed, this poker variant is very similar to Omaha Hi, but with one major difference being that the pot is divided, at showdown, between the highest and lowest combinations. This means that the style of play is highly varied, and tactics can be wild!

7-Card Stud

Before Texas Hold’em took the mainstage on the poker scene, the 7-card stud was the favourite variant. Fear not, for if you are a classic player you will be able to find this poker variant in most decent online casinos. Try going back to your roots with a 7-card stud.


Some dealers throw in a joker which can play as a multitude of things including any card that you want it to be, an extra ace, a dud, or whatever they choose it to be. If you fancy a little adventure then definitely try adding a joker to your poker game!


Many of these variations to your online poker game may seem a little too adventurous or confusing, but most of them are easy to pick up – especially to a hardened gaming veteran like you – so it is a no brainer to try out a couple of exciting variations in your favourite online gambling games.

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