Bingo jokes that are still rolling

The main draw for people that enjoy a game of bingo is how much of a social event it becomes. Players get together with friends for a laugh and a game that is not exactly competitive. The reason for this is partly because Umbingo Casino is incredibly low stakes so it isn’t that big of deal when you lose.

Another reason is that bingo has lent itself to becoming game with some running jokes. Everyone knows the lingo and these jokes have been going for a long time.

So, what jokes should you be on next time you play bingo?

Bingo Calls

Starting with the most well-known, the bingo calls are staple of the game and regular players all know what these mean.

Some are complex and have a deeper meaning that requires prior knowledge such as 80 being called as Gandhi’s breakfast. Why 80? Well, Gandhi ate nothing. In other words he 8 0.

Other calls are easier to translate such as 65 being old age pension and other calls exist merely because they rhyme. Just look at 37 being known as more than 11.

The calls, or jokes, are a major part of bingo and the only way to truly learn them all is to start playing yourself.


Puns are considered to be a cringe worthy joke for people with that type of humour. However, with bingo having run for so long as a cheesy type of game, its players have adopted this way of talking.

These types of jokes are common place among bingo halls but it is in the online space that this sense of humour has taken off most. Now it is almost a competition for players to come up with the best bingo related pun in the chat.

Type of Night

As bingo is such an easy game to pick up, it draws in all manner of audiences. To keep things interesting some bingo halls and sites will offer certain nights for specific types of players. Some are completely serious such as Ladies night, where only women can play the game. Others are more of a joke such a brunette night.

Of course, bingo callers aren’t going to ban a blonde player from having a go on brunette night. It is just a fun way to encourage new players to try the game and draws attention to the fact that bingo is such a diverse game.

Picking on Players

It takes someone with a great sense of humour to run a game as bingo caller. That is why these games are held by big personalities that are experts in banter. This banter often gets aimed toward specific players so watch out if you stand out. Jokes are likely to fly your way.


These jokes have been a part of bingo for so long that players are just expected to know them by now. New to bingo? Brush up on some of these to get accustomed to the bingo sense of humour.

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