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Knowing what strategy a team or player will use in an individual sport, given the current level of play and motivation, it is possible to choose a แทงบอล bet with a high probability of winning. But many teams play several game strategies at once:

  • An attacking style with opponents of equal strength and weaker than yourself; Defensive in the event of a collision with an opponent is much stronger than himself;
  • Combined, when there is no strong emphasis on defense and attack. Top teams often use sharply attacking football.

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Recently, in almost every national championship in football and hockey, teams have begun to appear that actively use strictly defensive football: bettors in their slang call this style of play “set the bus.”

Even healthy middle peasants do not hesitate to use it. It is worth carefully considering this strategy; it allows you to make frequent winning bets.

The essence of the “football bus” This strategy means one thing: the club plays with large forces near its gates when almost 7-8 field players play defenders’ role. The coaching staff actively uses several game schemes :

  • 5-3-2 (5 defenders, three midfielders and two forwards) or 5-4-1; 4-3-2-1 (4 defenders, three defensive midfielders, acting to destroy the opponent’s attacks,
  • Two attacking midfielders and one forward); 3-4-3 (3 central defenders, four midfielders playing to destroy the opponent’s attacks). Most often, the teams that set the “bus” use the first two schemes.

Particular attention should be paid to midfielders; they are divided into two main categories: defensive and attacking. The defenders’ main task is to destroy the opponent’s attack and try to connect the defense and the invasion of your team.

The main task of attacking midfielders is to ensure a rapid transition from defense to attack, quickly accelerating their team’s attack.

Defenders also fall into two categories: center and winger. The full-backs’ main task is to prevent the opponent from breaking through on the flank and to ensure a quick acceleration of his team’s flank attack.

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It is all seen in the current indicators of goals scored and conceded: such teams are not distinguishes by high performance, usually scoring an average of 1 goal per match, but they also do not realize so many.

Having found such teams, it is worth seeing what they most often use the game’s scheme; it will be useful to watch video reviews of the last matches played. It will provide a complete picture of them.

It is the line for the next round of the Russian championship in BC Bet city, where the odds on TM 2.5 can already be seen where the offices’ analysts assume low performance.

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Here, special attention should great be paid to the game “Ufa – CSKA,” one of the championship leaders’ leaders comes to visit one of the middle peasants, who are making a strong emphasis on defense. It is in this match that Ufa will place a bus in their penalty area against CSKA.

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