Infinireels vs Infinity Reels in Slot Games: Are they the same? 

Infinireels. Infinity Reels. They sound pretty similar, right? You’d be forgiven for thinking that they are the same slot game with free spins at Mega Reel. However, Infinireels isn’t a fun nickname for Infinity Reels, they are different slots games released by different developers.  This article will shed some light on the games differences so you can better distinguish between them.

Which came first Infinireels or Infinity reels?

Infinireels and Infinity Reels share the same concept at the heart of their games. Both slots add a reel to the right of the grid to reward a qualifying win. This concept first hit the slots world in November 2019 when ReelPlay released El Dorado Infinity Reels. A few months later, in May 2020, NetEnt’s Gods of Gold Infinireels arrived on the scene.

There has been speculation that NetEnt copied ReelPlay but it was a coincidence that the two slots developers came up with the same game concept. ReelPlay and NetEnt agree that the game concept was developed independently. They further agreed that both Infinity Reels and Infinireels will be treated as shared property between them.

As of today, there are two Infinity Reels slot games on offer:

  •         El Dorado Infinity Reels
  •         Giza Infinity Reels

NetEnt have released just one slot game in their Infinireels series:

  •         Gods of Gold Infinireels 

So, are there any differences between Infinireels and Infinity Reels slots games?

There are four main differences between Infinireels and Infinity Reels:

  1. The slot games begin with different starting grids
  2. The games pay out differently
  3. The slots offer different game bonuses
  4. One of the slot games offers the chance to win a higher maximum pay – out

The first thing you will notice if you switch between the slots is the starting grids are different. Infinireels begins with a 3 x 3 grid which extends to 3 x 4 and continues to extend with each qualifying win. Infinity Reels starts with a 3 x 4 grid.

To extend the grid both slot games are the same. However, the way the games pay – out is different. Infinireels will pay out if three symbols are matching across three reels. Infinity reels pay out for clusters of 5 + symbols which are touching either vertically or horizontally.

Infinireels and Infinity Reels slots offer different chances to win bonuses. Infinireels will offer free spins out randomly at the end of an unsuccessful round. Infinity Reels offer win multipliers which increase with every qualifying win.

Lastly, the maximum pay – outs for each slot game are different. For a £10 stake on an Infinireels slot game, there is a chance of winning up to £250,000. For a £10 stake on an Infinity Reels slot game there is a chance of winning up to £100,000.

Infinireels and Infinity Reels offer the same game concept but different slots experiences. This is great if you are a fan of the concept and like to have a choice of slot games to play. The best way to test if the slots games are the same though is to give them a try!

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