Popular Slots Payment Methods

Selecting the perfect slots payment method for you can take your online gambling experience to the next level. However, it is important you choose one that fits your needs. There are now various popular methods in which you can withdraw from or deposit into online casinos and it could start to feel overwhelming, but fear not, we are here to help you through this minefield – join Easy Slots.

The ease and efficiency of these new and exciting payment methods has made it even simpler for online slot lovers like yourself, to play the biggest jackpot slots with the bet bonuses around. 

What to look for in a Payment Method

When you come to making the decision of which payment option to use, there are several criteria you should consider to determine the right choice. Here is a list that will help you decide: 

  •   Usability and simplicity
  •   Possible fees
  •   Speed of transactions
  •   Accessibility
  •   Compatibility with bonuses 

The Popular Options

Here we have constructed a table to clearly illustrate to you the pros and cons of each payment choice and a selection of the most popular slots payment methods for each:

Slots Payment Method PROS CONS EXAMPLE
Debit Cards 1. Most popular option

2. Incredibly secure payments

3. Widely accepted at online casinos

4. Generally have the smallest minimum and largest maximum amounts for deposits.

1. Could potentially have fees

2. Slow speeds when withdrawing.


2. Mastercard

3. Entropay

Prepay Cards 1. Very simplistic for users

2. Incredibly secure payments

3. Valid for bonuses

1. Must be funded from another source

2. Usually various fees

3. Cannot make withdrawals.

1. Paysafecard

2. EcoPayz

E-Wallets 1. Both deposits and withdrawals can be instantaneous

2. Widely accepted at online casinos

3. Great for managing a budget

4. Very simplistic for users

5. Secure payments.

1. Could potentially include fees

2. May not always be valid for bonuses.

1. Neteller

2. Skrill

3. Paypal

4. Eco

5. PayNearMe

6. PayForIt

Bank Transfers 1. Widely accepted at online casinos

2. Incredibly secure payments

3. Very convenient for players.

1. Could potentially include fees

2. Both deposits and withdrawals can sometimes be slow

1. Wire Transfer

2. Trustly

3. eCheck

4. InstaDebit

Cash Alternatives 1. Usually no fees

2. Valid for bonuses

3. Incredibly secure payments

4. Great for managing a budget.

1. Caps on larger amounts

2. Cannot make withdrawals.

1. Paysafecard

Withdrawals with Online Casinos

When selecting your payment option, you also need to consider the withdrawal process that each can offer. Prepay cards and cash alternatives will commonly not allow you to make withdrawals, but as a popular rule, you will have to withdraw your funds in the identical way you deposited them. 

Making the Decision

So you have done the research and considered your options, now to make your decision. At the end of the day, we want you to be safe and happy in the knowledge that your money is in the best place for you, to bring you one step closer to that glorious jackpot moment. Check the pros and cons list above and compare it to your favourite online casino and the slots payments methods they offer, to make the right decision to achieve your best online gambling experience. See you at the slots! 

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