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Telegram Review – Features, Security, Usability, Bots, and Independence

If you’re considering using Telegram(telegram网) as your primary messaging app, it’s important to know a few things before you make your final decision. Here are some things to consider: Features, Security, Usability, Bots, and Independence. While Telegram doesn’t compare to privacy-focused messaging apps, it does have some unique features. Learn more about these features by reading our complete Telegram review. You’ll want to use Telegram in your daily communications if you value your privacy.


Several Telegram(telegram中文网) security concerns have popped up in recent months, focusing on the service’s use of MTProto and E2E encryption. Users should take precautions to protect their accounts and ensure their messages are not accessible by third parties. To do this, follow Telegram’s steps to secure your Telegram account. For example, you can set your account to require two-factor authentication (or 2FA). If you’re unsure how to set up two-factor authentication, you can use an SMS code or password.

Cryptography experts have criticized the security model used by Telegram. Rather than storing encryption keys and media in a separate location, Telegram stores decryption keys along with contact and media files. In addition, the app’s proprietary MTProto Mobile Protocol has also been criticised for being a home-brew cryptography solution, which is not as secure as E2E encryption. Despite these criticisms, Telegram is still far better secured than competing messaging apps.


Even though Telegram is an instant messaging application, it boasts more than a few impressive features. However, to fully take advantage of its capabilities, you’ll have to dig deep into its settings. For example, you may have seen different groups, channels, and bots – and wondered how these functions fit in with Telegram’s user experience. The following is a quick look at some of the most important aspects of Telegram’s usability.

The usability of Telegram as a social network application was examined by asking medical students about their experiences with the app. Students’ responses included suggestions on how to improve the educational usability of the app. Qualitative data analysis revealed several merit codes, including accessibility, peer-checking, and time-saving. The researchers noted down the most frequent responders of the week and archived them for later analysis. To learn more about how this social network can improve educational usability, read on!


While Telegram chatbots are usually a great way for businesses to interact with clients, they are also useful to normal users. The company offers a developer API for bot creation, which makes it easy to build bots for e-commerce, productivity, gaming, and social interactions. Businesses can also use Telegram chatbots to provide customer support, show portfolios, and even run marketing campaigns. If you’re a business owner and want to use Telegram chatbots for business purposes, here are some things you need to know.

If you’re a movie buff, you might want to use the Movies Tracker bot. Just type the name of the movie into the bot, and it will search IMDB for information. In this example, the bot found information on Salman Khan’s movie Tubelight. The bot works with other movies, but it can be customized to only deliver news about a specific movie. You can even specify which types of news you want to receive, if you’d like..

Business model

In the past, the business model for Telegram was not entirely clear, but now that it supports payments, the company hopes to move forward in the same direction. While it is an impractical application for many purposes, Telegram is making good progress in terms of its product-market fit. The platform is also letting advertisers target specific channels, but only those with more than a thousand users and a budget of $2 million are eligible for advertising. The company also hopes to distribute some of the revenue to the channel owners.

The only problem is that Telegram doesn’t have an incredibly lucrative business model. While Facebook and Google have their own monetization models, they’re not the best fit for the messaging app space. WhatsApp has over 1 billion active users, and it depends on donations to fund its development. While Telegram doesn’t have a traditional business model, it may be able to replicate WhatsApp’s success in this space by integrating with traditional payment processors. In addition to traditional payment methods, it might be able to leverage stablecoins and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to generate revenue.

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