These Are the Best Bookmakers you’ll Possibly Find in Croatia 2021!

Making independent lists of the best and highest quality things is never rewarding, but bearing in mind that we strive to be as objective and honest as possible with our readers, we have made a list of the best sites for sportsko klađenje u Hrvatskoj in 2021.

We must mention that the term best sports betting site in Croatia does not automatically mean that it is the best company for all players from Croatia. 

For this reason, our list includes only sports bookmakers that are primarily fair to their customers, that have solid rules and conditions of use, and that have something to offer their customers, like a bonusi bez depozita for example. 

Each of these bookmakers that is on our list is good enough to register and safe, what will make you choose one of them are your preferences

The best bookmakers in Croatia

If you just arrived at the sports betting world, then you certainly have questions related to this topic. Is online betting legal? What are the best online sports bookmakers? Are there quality and respectable bookmakers in Croatia? What are bonuses and promotions? Where do I find the best free betting tips?

In addition to this, there are certainly many other questions, to which this sports betting guide has answers! 

Legal Status

Online betting has been strictly regulated in Croatia since 2010. Citizens of the Republic of Croatia can bet online if they are over 18 years old. 

So, at the moment, online betting and gambling are completely legal in Croatia, with some restrictions being enforced by the Government-led Ministry of Finance. 

Most games of chance are under the monopoly of the Croatian Lottery. The Croatian Lottery strictly supervises sports betting, casinos, lotteries, and bingo.

The Croatian Gambling Act received the green light from the European Commission in November 2014. The new law refers to special commissions imposed on operators, which commissions they have to pay to the state. 

The new regime began work in 2015, and experts still consider this law to be one of the strictest laws in all of Europe. Namely, the state has blocked a large number of well-known operators, and players from Croatia must use alternative links to access them.

The most famous bookmakers in Croatia

There are not many quality Croatian betting brands that deal with sports betting, as in other countries in the region. However, there are a sufficient number of operators that deserve to be mentioned. These are primarily:

  1. The Croatian Lottery
  2. Prva Sportska Kladionica (PSK)
  3. SuperSport
  4. Germania. 

These are the four biggest and most famous brands, although we must definitely mention Stanleybet and Favbet as well. Hand on heart, all these operators are more or less similar in the quality of service they provide and are rarely fully competitive with European and global brands. 

Namely, bookmakers in Croatia have a lot of shortcomings and they are as follows: welcome bonuses are quite bad, the number of markets that can be bet on is limited, odds are not competitive, and margins are high. 

The importance of margins and odds is fundamental in the world of sports betting, as knowing about it will make you be able to use your best free betting tips in a better way.

Local bookmakers in Croatia 2021

As we have already mentioned in the text, the croatian betting companies that are dominant are SuperSport, Germania, PSK, and Hrvatska Lutrija. 

These companies offer their services in local shops, but also via the Internet, but in terms of quality, they are still miles away from the Top European brands.

However, it must be acknowledged that lately, all these brands are trying to complete their offer and become as competitive as possible in relation to foreign brands. 

For example, the SuperSport bookmaker has over 35 sports on its offer, and they are known for having quite competitive odds and low margins, which is very commendable, making it the best sports betting site for many bettors in the country.

Croatian Lottery, on the other hand, has a large number of branches throughout Croatia and it is extremely easy for them to expand their offer in traditional shops, despite the fact that their focus has been on games of chance for years. 

PSK is part of the Hattrick group, and they are present both in local shops and on the Internet market, and it can be said that they dominate the Croatian market in the online domain.

Foreign bookmakers for players from Croatia 2021

As for foreign sports bookmakers, they are in theory illegal for players from Croatia. In fact, the whole topic is a bit vague, since the Act says that it is illegal to participate in foreign sports bookmakers, if the money is paid from Croatia, and these bookmakers do not have a license from the Republic of Croatia. 

Players, of course, come in various ways, and payment via electronic wallets ( Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz) can in no way be counted as a payment from Croatia, and in this way the Act is circumvented. 

What is favorable for players from Croatia is the fact that a very small number of foreign sports bookmakers prohibit the registration of players from this country.

Even if some bookmakers are blocked by the state of Croatia (domains become inaccessible), there is an option to use so-called mirror sites, which are identical to the original but have different addresses. 

In this way, sports bookmakers allow players to continue playing on their sites despite the clear intention of the state to block them.

Advantages and disadvantages of domestic bookmakers

Unfortunately, although we would most like it if we could bet exclusively on domestic sports bookmakers, at the moment the situation is pretty bad in that field. 

Quite simply, bookmakers in Croatia do not seem to have the desire to follow world trends but are satisfied with half solutions in almost all fields when it comes to sports betting. Only a few years ago it was impossible to play a single bet in home bookmakers, but players were forced to play combined tickets. 

In addition, domestic and regional bookmakers do not offer some popular betting markets that profitable bookmakers rely on in many ways. One good example is the lack of the Asian Handicap market, which is pretty popular in football betting.


With the information given in our sports betting guide for Croatian Bookmakers, it becomes clear that they still have a lot to improve. However, they are not a bad option for those who like sports betting.

The international brands will look more appealing, especially because of their bonuses, but the truth is that both of them (international and Croatian bookmakers) have their advantages and disadvantages.

So, if you want to choose a place to bet, focus on what you want from a bookmaker. We’re sure that Croatian companies will please many bettors.


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