Is Wondershare Filmora A Good Replacement To Final Cut Pro?

Filmora and Final Cut pro are one of the popular and well-known video editing software available on the internet. Both video editing software comes with various handy tools and features to create and edit videos. The final cut pro was initially released in 2011 by Apple and Filmora was first released in 2015 by a Chinese software development company called Wondershare. As Filmora is cheaper than the Final cut pro so people often ask “Is Wondershare Filmora a good replacement to Final cut pro?” Later in this article, we will be comparing both applications in terms of all the segments.

Filmora Vs Final Cut Pro

●      Filmora: Filmora is one of the leading video editing software these days as it offers unique as well as easy-to-use features and tools. Filmora was developed as a Chinese software development company called Wondershare in 2015. Filmora supports Windows & macOS compatible devices.

  • Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro is developed by one of the leading smartphone firms called Apple in 2011. It offers a unique interface that provides all features at the user’s fingertips. Final Cut Pro only supports macOS-compatible devices.

Features Comparison: Filmora vs Final Cut Pro

To check is Wondershare Filmora a Good replacement for Final Cut Pro, we need to compare the features and price of both video editing software. Below we have outlined the main key features of both applications.

Features of Filmora

Wondershare filmora video editing software offers three versions of this software and all three are equipped with different features. The most basic version comes with some basic yet useful features and the advanced versions come with some pre-loaded advanced features. Let’s have a look at some of its key features.

  • Motion tracking: Filmora has motion tracking features that let users append elements on a moving object in their video footage.
  • Keyframing: Keyframing features allow you to customize any animation by joining keyframes to change the positions, scales, rotation of a video clip.
  • Stabilization: No one likes shaky or unstable videos, Filmora offers you to stabilize your video like professionals.
  • Audio Ducking: This video editing software provides you with an Audio ducking feature that can fade away all the background noise from the video so your audience can listen to the dialogues without any disturbance.
  • 4K Editing: Filmora supports the editing of 4K videos while some other video editing software doesn’t support the same.
  • Green Screen: For YouTubers and streamers, Green Screen helps them to change the background. It also changes the background of your videos just like Hollywood movies.
  • Easy-to-use Interface: Filmora offers an easy-to-use interface and allows you to create keyboard shortcut keys through hotkey commands.
  • Other basic features: Filmora offers other basic features such as splitting, rotating, cropping, trimming, brightness controls, as well as volume controls that everyone needs while working on a video.

Features Of Final Cut Pro

As discussed earlier, Final Cut Pro is developed by Apple to edit videos. Below we have mentioned the major key features of this rival software of Filmora video editing software.

  • Motion: Apple offers a bundle of features and Motion is one of the top features that this video editing software provides. This motion graphic tool is capable of creating cinematic 2D, 3D and 360-degree titles, transitions, and realistic effects in real-time.
  • Compressor: Compressor is a video and audio compression and encoding feature which is designed to work alongside macOS audio and video apps. It allows users to encode as well as convert various formats of video.
  • Multicam: Final Cut Pro boasts to offer the most advanced Multicam editing feature that can automatically sync up to 64 angles video with different formats. Users can view up to 16 angles at once in an angle In Angle editor, you can move, sync, trim, add effects, or color grade individual video footage.
  • 360° Editing: This video editing software let you import and edit 360-degree videos. Using the 360° Editing and using the simple tool for changing orientation, straightening the horizon, removing camera rigs, and more. This feature lets you add 2D and 3D titles to your 360-degree videos and apply blurs, glows, and other effects to the video.

Plan and Pricing

Below we have mentioned the plans and the price of both software or you can also use Wondershare coupon code to get huge discounts and offers on various products.

Plans and Price of Filmora

  • Subscription Plan: $39.99/Year
  • Perpetual Plan: $69.99 One-time fee
  • Bundle Subscription Plan: $99.87/Year

Plans and Price of Final Cut Pro

  • Final Cut Pro is available at the cost of $299.99 at the Mac app store.

You can also find the best price using the wondershare filmora coupon code for having a huge discount.

Conclusion: Is Wondershare Filmora A Good Replacement To Final Cut Pro?”

In order to compare both the video editing software, we need to consider many things which we have already compared and discussed in the article. Both applications are built for completely different users.

Filmora is one of the simplified video editing software which is good for beginners. It provides hundreds of pre-loaded templates, an easy-to-use interface. It could be a good option for those who don’t want to spend time on customization and learn complicated tools. While on the other side, Final Cut Pro provides some of the advanced features and tools that let the user use them to create a masterpiece. The only set back the Final Cut Pro has is that it only supports mac supported devices.

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